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5 tips to mastering body language that will win anyone over

I am pretty sure you have already heard the typical expression “almost 93% of our communication is non-verbal.” That what you say doesn’t really matter. What others perceive is actually defined by a combination of our body language, tonality and eye contact, rather than the actual words we use.

Here are some key elements to managing your body language that can really open people up to you and what you are saying. It’s like the difference between someone hearing you and captivating someone:

1. Walk like a leader: Big steps are a sign of strength and leadership whereas small steps usually convey weakness. Also keep a straight posture; it communicates confidence and superiority and people usually feel protected when they are around you. Finally, never look down. Looking down as you walk is a sign of insecurity and most people lose trust in your abilities if you don’t keep a strong straight look while you walk.

2. Develop decoding skills: The ability to “read” others’ nonverbal cues is considered to be the most important component of mastering body language. You must be attentive and observant and focused on getting feedback about accuracy. It is a good idea, therefore, to have a learning partner to help in development. Although there are universal expressions of emotions, emotions can be faked. It also helps to study specific individuals and to learn their expressive patterns.

3. Mirror others: When people are on the same page, they naturally start mimicking each other's expressions and movements. You can make it easier to connect with people by doing this intentionally. Do this sparingly, though; too much mirroring and your efforts will start to look like a comedy routine.

4. Talk with a deeper voice: A deep voice is one of the most powerful attributes of an alpha male. It is an indicator of dominant masculine polarity and a major attraction switch. A deep voice might be something difficult to master; mainly because in the beginning, especially if you have a high-pitched voice, changing your voice can make you sound like Tony Robbins.
However the truth is that it actually works. You will start getting compliments from girls and people will start paying a lot more attention to what you say. Again, the secret to mastering a deep voice is to be conscious about it. Pay deep attention to it every time you are in a conversation with somebody. Deepen your tonality whenever you feel it sounds weak.

5. Make eye contact. While there are cultural differences, subtle eye contact is often interpreted as being friendly and honest. Look people in the eye when you're first introduced. As someone is talking, meet their eye from time to time to show interest, while also looking away for appropriate intervals to avoid staring.

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