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Alba Eiragi Duarte is the first

Alba Eiragi Duarte, 58, entered as a full member of the SEP after publishing her first book, a poem in Guarani entitled "Ñe'ê yvoty. Ñe'ê poty" ("Flower of the word. ", In Guarani language).

The poet was officially named a member of the SEP at an event in Asuncion officiated by its president, the writer Bernardo Neri Farina, who described as "historical" the inclusion of an indigenous woman in the institution.

"It is an historic event but we must mark ourselves on the horizon that this should stop being an exception. They (the indigenous peoples) are the first Paraguayans and this act must be the beginning of a true integration," said Neri Farina during The event, in the House of Literature Augusto Roa Bastos.

Similarly, filmmaker Marcos Ybañez, a spokesman for the SEP, expressed that the appointment "is an important step in the recognition that Paraguay is a multicultural society."

"It is time to open the doors to the cultural reality of 20 indigenous peoples who remain invisible in a cultural apartheid. There is a whole cultural world around us that we must listen to in each of their languages and cultural experiences," said Ybañez.

About his collection "Ñe'ê yvoty. Ñe'ê poty", Ybañez said that it is "a very deep poetry that is born of a spirituality of a people that resists to die after a colonization of 500 years."

"They are words born of the soul of a woman indigenous poet who rises against that historical exclusion," said Ybañez.

Already in the presentation, Ybañez highlighted the work of cultural activist Alba Eiragi Duarte, who has produced several documentaries and currently participates in "Guaraní Nation", a documentary that denounces the social and cultural disruption suffered by this large community.

Ybañez also referred to the work of the poet as translator and drafter of guides of indigenous educational materials in Guarani language and Spanish.

Alba Eiragi Duarte, who has also worked with indigenous children in street situations, assumed the management of the Department of Management and Communication of the Directorate General of Indigenous School Equation in 2008.

She is also responsible for and coordinator of the project "Indigenous Cosmovisions and Educational Innovations" with the Guarani and Guarani Aba peoples of Canindeyú (north) and Caaguazú (center), and was the organizer of the First Congress of Indigenous Communicators.

The Paraguayan indigenous population amounts to 116,000 people, approximately 1.7% of the total. 76% of them are in extreme poverty, according to data from the state-owned National Indigenous Institute (INDI).