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“Alto el fuego” for children in Colombia

The Salesian Missionary Mission in Madrid is in charge of the presentation of the documentary, as the congregation indicates in its web page, assuring that in more than 50 years of armed conflict in Colombia between the FARC, ELN, paramilitaries and the state , Has left a balance of eight million victims.

The exploitation of children as soldiers is a widespread practice in warring countries: they are cheap labor, easily manipulated, undemanding, loyal, easily replaced, costly to feed, and less suspicious of Enemy ranks and are sexual companions and slaves ... It is estimated that in Colombia there are still between 8,000 and 14,000 child soldiers.

Without receiving education for many years, the children who are far from the conflict are welcomed in the work of the Salesians "Ciudad Don Bosco" Medellín, who in the last 14 years has accompanied more than 2,300 former child soldiers. The "Building Dreams" program welcomes and takes care of recovery and education, helps them to overcome the traumas suffered through a pedagogy of trust, turning their fears into a desire to learn, and teaching them a trade for Who can reintegrate into society and reunite with their families.

The documentary "Stop the fire", directed by Raúl de la Fuente, reviews in 21 minutes fears, dreams and hopes of the protagonists, Manuel and Catalina. It narrates the entry into the guerrilla, the phase of demilitarization, the process of personal reconstruction in the Salesian house and its dreams for a future of peace and as actors and builders of that same peace. "I want to buy a small house ... no! I want a big house! I want to go to university, I want to think big "... says Catalina, who just graduated in Graphic Arts in" Ciudad Don Bosco ".

In the coming weeks, the documentary will be presented in several places: the first presentation is scheduled for next February 2 in Rome, which will include Catherine and Manuel, young people who have left the FARC in Colombia; Rafael Bejarano, Salesian and director of "Ciudad Don Bosco" in Medellin; And James Areiza, educator and head of the child protection programs of "Ciudad Don Bosco". Subsequently, the documentary will be presented in Brussels, Bonn and Madrid.