Updated 2 months ago

Cali expands the reintegration program

Out of the 88 gangs identified in the city of Cali, Colombia, a psychosocial intervention with labor insertion is currently being carried out in 34 of them. By 2017, the mayor's office has planned to incorporate another 20 for a total of 1,320 young people impacted.

For Justice and Security Secretary Laura Lugo, "the results with these young people are positive, and are reflected in the reduction of homicide among gangs, which reached 50%."

By 2017 the 20 gangs that will be included in the program led by the Police through the Comprehensive Treatment of Gangs - TIP, represent another 660 gang members in re-socialization.

The intervention is done from the social field, with training, entrepreneurship and income generation.

"Many of these young people, thanks to the employability programs, will go to work because they will be given the opportunity. We are aware that social intervention is what has allowed us good results, "insisted Lugo.

The goal is to continue with the decrease of crime rates for this term. "With the work of gangs it is intended that these young people do not change from gangs to gangs. It is a great achievement because they have understood that this is not a way of life, "said Lugo Marín.

For the Mayor's social work with employment insertion in high-risk youth or belonging to gangs is absolutely necessary for them to be integrated into society with stable, durable and obtained income in due form. "What we have done with them will continue to do. And this will allow us to have fewer dead in the city and less delinquency, "he concluded.
Actions like this one are a complement to the recently signed peace deal, it helps us see guerrillas are not the only ones generating violence and weakening the country’s steadiness.