Updated 2 months ago

Chino and Nacho official breakup

Venezuelan duo Chino & Nacho have decided to end rumors and finally confirm their separation.

The official announcement was made by their manager, Pablo Villalobos, who on Thursday night posted on Instagram a picture (only with Chino) from the Premio Lo Nuestro carpet with the following message: "Everything started here, and here I finish everything." In the post, Villalobos also confirms that he will continue managing Chino.

Rumors of the split began late last year, and the pair has been working on separate projects. On Thursday night, they two artists hit the magenta carpet separately, even though they were nominated as a duo.

Chino & Nacho have had four albums on the Top Latin Albums chart, including a No. 1 with Supremo (Nov. 5, 2011), and 11 hits on the Hot Latin Songs chart (from 2010-2016), including five top 10s and 2 No. 1s. Most recently, “Andas En Mi Cabeza,” featuring Daddy Yankee, became a top 10 hit in 2016, their first since 2012. The song has been streamed nearly 17 million times in the U.S. since its debut, according to Nielsen Music.

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