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Disney Latin America doesn’t stop

After the imminent success of "Soy Luna", Disney XD Latin America launched the first advance of ONCE, the new original series of the channel produced entirely in Latin America and featuring talent from several Latin countries.

The series follows the story of Gabo, a teenager living in a remote village called Dry Poplar. Gabo loves football, and finds the opportunity of a lifetime by receiving a scholarship at the prestigious Academia Académico Deportivo (IAD) in Buenos Aires to play at Los Halcones Dorados, the renowned amateur team at the school. Thus, it paves the way to fulfill his great dream of becoming a professional footballer. Once is a series on training and sports growth in which football meets the passion to fulfill personal yearnings.

The series features 80 episodes of 22 minutes full of action, emotion, sport, comedy and teen stories of personal improvement. It is carried out by an international cast led by the Argentine Mariano González and his compatriots Camila Agustina Palma, Federico Gurruchaga, Javier Eloy Bonanno, Guido Pennelli (Peter Punk), Paulina Vetrano, Renato Quattordio and Santiago Luna, besides the Mexican Sebastián Athié and Juan David Penagos and Brazilian Luan Brum.