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Frida Kahlo Gallery: center of interchange

With an abundance of landscapes, portraits, nudes, abstract work and sculpture, made with diverse techniques and a great variety of styles, as well as formats, the 31st International Artists exhibition "Color es nuestro" was inaugurated at the Frida Kahlo Art Gallery.

The exhibition consists of 83 pieces, with works from Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela and Mexico.

Jorge Hurtado, president of the International Artistic Movement, said that with this exhibition ties are extended to strengthen the growth of participating artists.

He recalled that it is the eighth exhibition that takes place between the house of studies and the Artistic Movement.
The painter Emilia Calderón recalled the activities carried out in 2016 by the International Artistic Movement group, emphasizing that for this year, exhibitions in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Spain, Brazil, Peru and, of course, in Sinaloa are considered. Finally, he thanked UAS for the support of the collective, both in terms of logistics and the facilitation of spaces.

The event was enlivened by the troubadour Rafael Márquez, while the little Diana Quistian danced a solo of classical dance to the approval of the public that made presence at the opening ceremony.