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From the past to the table

The initiative known as “Origen” and presented at the International Festival of Gastronomy and Wine of Morelia in Boca - celebrated in Mexico last year - had a stop in Peru for the chefs Jorge Vallejo and Virgilio Martinez recognizes the cook Trinidad Mamano, who It lives at over 4,000 meters above sea level.

"We are looking for what is behind our kitchens, our restaurants do not work if our tradition is not present, we have to show that we are learning," Martinez said.

Jorge Vallejo described these actions as a rescue of the identity and culture of the continent: "The ingredients of identity to a people In Latin America, there are ancient cultures that are still alive in us, we have to begin to see Latin America as a unique soil."

Vallejo commented that the initiative starts with humility and the desire to learn, "we even put ourselves in a position of vulnerability when we come to communities to learn about their crops, plantings and how they live," says the Mexican chef.

The initiative was recorded in the video another trip more of the trip to Peru. The chefs explored the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, where the Yaxuná community is located, where the famous Cochinita Pibil is prepared, whose recipe includes the condiment called achiote, which is extracted from the nugget of that element and prepared with the pork , Born in that Mexican region.

"We have stopped looking at a Europe and Japan as a reference for cooking, we have to see ourselves in Peru, Mexico, Argentina and other corners to know where we go. We have a lot to say," said Virgilio Martinez.

During the development of the gastronomic festival, the cooks videotaped a visit to the Michoacan community of Santa Fe de La Laguna, where the Peruvian cook and the cooks were able to interact with cooks from the region, share techniques to work the corn and interact in the Stoves

During the demonstration where they prepared several dishes, they announced that the following scale was a visit to the Mexican state of Oaxaca, with the help of chef Alejandro Ruiz, of the restaurant Casa Oaxaca.

"We need to take inspiration from our people to create new ideas and ideas to generate social change. We need to sensitize ourselves to the cultures, to value the knowledge that our traditional cooks have," said Vallejo.