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Highly recognized

The Secretary of Public Education detailed in a statement that the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage approved in 2016 unanimously to inscribe the national sport of the charrería in that list.

After the Mexican Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO (Conalmex) presented the project, the Committee approved it unanimously, and this expression of Mexican culture enters into the international regime for the protection of cultural sites and expressions.

Among other aspects highlighted in the Mexican proposal is that charrería is transmitted from generation to generation, and is constantly recreated by groups and communities in their environments and that additionally generates a sense of identity.

"Mexico is widely recognized for the enormous richness and diversity of its intangible cultural heritage, which is manifested in a system of traditions of various kinds, as well as in the variety of native languages spoken in the national territory," he said.

Currently the practice of charrería in Mexico includes about two thousand annual events, in which about a thousand charras associations participate.

In addition, this expression of Mexican culture has crossed the northern border, so that in the United States it is also practiced on a daily basis; So much, that there are 184 Charras communities, distributed in at least 13 states.