Updated 4 months ago

Illicit antiquities trade being struggled

The Bolivian Government has exhibited 55 archaeological pieces from the Mojocoya, Huruquilla, Tiawanacu and Yura cultures that were returned this week by Argentina in the framework of an agreement reached to fight the illicit trafficking of patrimonial goods.

According to the Bolivian Minister of Cultures, Marko Machicao, the process against this type of crime in Argentina began in 2009, when a group of people who trafficked with patrimonial pieces of Bolivia were identified.

"Recovering our heritage means recovering our history", emphasized Machicao.

The 55 pieces were presented at an event in La Paz, with the presence of authorities from both nations. Among them, there are qeros or vessels of Andean pottery, other bowls, containers with representations of shaped faces, textile fragments of different colors, figurines, axes and spheres.

The Bolivian minister detailed that after an evaluation of the archaeological pieces will be defined the place where they will be sent, however, for the moment they will go to the Tiawanacu Museum.

On the other hand, in the same event, two coins of the seventeenth century were returned to representatives of the Peruvian embassy.