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Jobs for the future in Latin America

Companies are no longer satisfied with professionals with good training and experience, but now they are looking for people with open profiles adaptable to the changes and multidisciplinary knowledge. These new business needs must take into account when choosing a career, to opt for professions that offer greater possibilities for the future.

There are some careers and trades that have passed a being obsolete given the advances of technology, but by fortune have been born other very promising careers, in which there are few graduates in the area and who present in some years a strong demand on the part of the companies

These new careers can come through various courses and allow students to have better opportunities in the world of work. To prepare you for future and conversions in a leading professional, the compartments list the most challenging careers in Latin America and the academic programs to train in each area.

1. Data Scientist: ICTs are the most promising sectors and Data Scientists are in the future the professionals most demanded by companies that need to organize and analyze large amounts of data. To become one you can study:
Large data

2. Mobile Developer: another career associated with technology, more specifically to cell phones. These services are highly demanded to create applications that allow optimal communication between company and client, the development of games and the analysis of information. Recommended curricula in the area are:
Computerstystems engineer
Mobile computing systems

3. Specialist in Cybersecurity: they are professionals capable of protecting the personal and business data and highly demanded by the companies associated to the sector of the banking and the technology. You can become a Cybersecurity specialist and study the following academic programs:
Security in Information Technology
Informatics Engineering

4. Robotics Specialist: Robotics is a very new and developing area. The creations that start from it help the men to carry out the activities that previously seemed impossible, reason why it is very promising for the future. If you want to become an expert in the sector you can study:
Engineering in Digital Systems and Robotics
Electronic Engineering

5: Medical Geriatrician: given the population growth, therefore, the demand for Geriatricians will skyrocket. If you want to develop yourself in this profession you can study:
Clinical Geriatrics
Medical Sciences

To take into account, these are careers that Latin America need in order to develop, however these are not for sure the careers with the highest demand rates.