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“Killa” kills the expectations

The Ecuadorian feature film "Killa (before the moon comes out)", becomes the first in the country to narrate in Kichwa language. It is the second most spoken language of the Quechua family, spoken in the Sierra and Oriente of Ecuador, in southwestern Colombia by the Inga and in the lower northern jungle of Peru, for an estimated 2.5 million of people. Despite this, there are not previous Ecuadorian films in which this language occupied 50% of the dialogues.

However, "Killa (before the moon comes out)", directed by filmmaker Alberto Muenala, dare to include a language other than Spanish in the middle of the script, as a reflection of the audiovisual work built from indigenous peoples and nationalities.

The film, starring Marcela Camacho ("The Heart of the Night", "The Innocents"), Carlos Guerrón and Sherman Cabascango, narrates how a Kichwa journalist discovers the corruption surrounding his girlfriend's family, which leads to a conflict with it. Issues such as racism, love and persecution are developing in the midst of a community's anti-mining struggle. The film also deals with several sub-themes such as the mining dispute with a community, a couple's love conflicts, conflicts in public office, or the role played by the media.

In a statement to, Alberto Muenala explained that the film teaches us to look at ourselves as a people, as a country, inciting us to reflect: "I think it is a part of what we know, And somehow a way of questioning the way of life we lead."