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Mexico’s angular stone in Literature and politics

To celebrate Octavio Paz’ birthday, let’s remember his importance for his natal country and for all Latin America.

"He inherited from the group of his contemporaries those great critical faculties which he developed even more. His critical eye is fundamental to the constitution not only of Mexican literature, but also of Latin American literature. To date, there is no one to overcome their capacity to say things like that, to explain them with such clarity, "says Alcántara Pohls, who also teaches a seminar on contemporary poetry and poetry in the postgraduate course in Modern Literature of the same house of studies.

The work of Paz offers a great universal curiosity, because it is interested in many areas, has very authoritative opinions, very informed in all types of subjects. In literary terms he read a good part of Mexican literature of his time, met his protagonists and related to many other writers outside Mexico through his publications.

Paz is fundamental for the constitution of Mexican culture, it is the central figure of Mexican culture of the twentieth century. Everything happens in some way for him, there is a before and after, but, although it is well published and available to readers, it still needs to be more known.

It is well known, that Paz is not always an easy author; however, it is worth reading. "He was very demanding with himself, so that as readers we can not pretend to approach him easily: he also asks of the reader that critical effort, that demand, that rigor; he asks a lot from all Mexicans and all readers in general, concludes Alcántara, reminding us of how much we have to learn about our regions, and how important it is to recognize it.