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Noelia, the teacher, has no boundaries

Children call her "Noe", She is a 31 years old Argentinian. More than 150 young children are under her charge. These small students follow every move of her teacher, imitate and learn from her every day. Why is this surprising? Noelia is the first person with Down Syndrome who works as a preschool teacher in Argentina.

She has become an example of inspiration, and of course the road to get to where she is today, was not easy. She studied for 5 years and put herself exposed to one of the most difficult experiences she could have experienced. She suffered the rejection of a child, because he thought she was a "monster".

Moreover, the constant questioning of the student’s parents who could not understand how a person with a disability could be the leader and be in charge of the classroom was always there. Despite this, she did not give up and today she shows the world that nothing is impossible.

In Cordoba she teaches in the Kindergarten "cocoons". She reads stories to children and help in the fields of music and drawing, and has become one of the most outstanding teachers.

The director, Susana Zerdan said Noe is an excellent teacher, also good colleague. She struggle to get her work and her desire to do well, because it is not easy to be in charge of 170 students, who are divided into three rooms and they all love their teacher.

She persevered and became an example, leaving behind the stereotypes and prejudices of society. Both her colleagues and her students see the qualities and vocation Noelia has towards education.