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Patriotism statements: Political manipulation

Unfortunately partiality is an inherent flaw in human nature and it is very easy to fall into that pride, even worse when the arrogant historian is a social scientist biased and unable to separate history from his beliefs.

In fact, many social scientists have gradually transformed themselves into tyrants of knowledge and have justified oppressive policies and totalitarian measures based on their particular opinions. They have brazenly manipulated social sciences such as history, geography or anthropology - through political, philosophical and religious value judgments - and have turned them into toys to manipulate and justify fanatic and extreme positions that end in the commission of abominable and execrable deeds .

In other words, they are academics who manipulate facts with half-truths, while like-minded leaders glorify that well-to-do story to win adherents and demonize facts contrary to the caudillo's ideas. In this way, they succeed in making the social sciences become vulgar propaganda and in the pillars for the unconditional support of the popular vote and the permanent establishment of the policies of the totalitarian regime.

Even the demonization of geopolitics in the social sciences is precisely due to the manipulation of the geographical and historical facts of totalitarian governments. An example that needs no further introduction was the leaders of the Nazi regime, who through vicious propaganda strategies, manipulated philosophies and with the support of the majorities, committed aberrant crimes.

And without going any further, a clear example of this type of historical manipulation at the present time is the so-called Uribismo, a movement that had its maximum expression with the policy of Democratic Security of the former Colombian president Álvaro Uribe Vélez (2002-2010), who has based his current of thought on the rigged mix of historical fallacies and philosophical manipulations that have been seconded by notable scholars who analyze history under an extreme right lens.

Thus, under the policy of democratic security of Uribe Vélez occurred the darkest and polarized stage of the long armed conflict in Colombia. It was during this government that a cease-fire was declared for the rebels who left behind millions of displaced people, thousands of dead combatants and thousands of civilian victims killed by the same military or by paramilitary squads supported by the authorities. The saddest thing about it is that millions of people supported this policy with their vote.

This is a clear example of how, through geopolitical and patriotic value judgments, majorities have been manipulated to justify true ideological barbarities and that is the main reason why so much care must be taken in analysis in the social sciences. That sooner or later there will be another unscrupulous manipulator who relies on patriotism to justify and embark on a new barbarism.