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The hard and long trip to get out

Emigrating by land has become the escape route for many middle and lower class Venezuelans trying to escape the chaos in the country.

The crisis that Venezuela currently lives in the political and social economic sphere forces Venezuelans, mostly young professionals, to emigrate to other countries. The exchange control introduced in Venezuela since 2003 has triggered a series of negative events in the national economy, the instability of the dollar and the obstacles of the state banks make it difficult to find new horizons.

The last restriction of state banks is that cardholders must be at least six months old to be able to use their passenger seats. However, some Venezuelans desperate for the crisis that is getting worse every day, are looking for other options to leave the country.

The case of Amanda Blanco is one that is repeated day by day. She is a preschool teacher and is 28 years old. She has now put all her belongings on sale so she can buy dollars and go to Chile.


"It is very difficult to detach yourself from what little you have"

The sale of garage is an informal event in which the sale of goods used by individuals is sought, in which it is not required to collect the sales tax. In other countries it is an opportunity to get out of the "old" or what is not used, to acquire new ventures; But in Venezuela it is only a desperate occasion to "flee".


"It is very difficult to let go of what little you have to make a living in another country where your family is not, but this is getting worse every day and my daughter needs to develop in a place where she does not fear going out to play in front of her house. I see the garage sale as an opportunity to escape, "Amanda lamented.

She is a single mother and lives with her parents and daughter. He is currently selling everything from clothing and toys to electronic equipment.

So far has collected a total of 350,000 bolivars and is buying dollars to emigrate. He assured that selling his car will get the money to pay the rent in the country that will soon become his home.

Like Amanda Blanco, hundreds of Venezuelans have joined this trend, even on the Internet there are specialized portals to buy and sell second-hand goods.

Bank Locks

Providence 011 of the National Center for Foreign Trade (Cencoex) published in the Official Gazette 40,639 of April 9, authorizes only as exchange operators to the public banks. This left out nearly 5 million private sector cardholders who had to migrate from their financial institutions in order to have access to electronic and travel quotas.

This action has led to corruption in public banks, who taking advantage of the need have imposed rates of up to 30,000 bolivars to take TDC.

Since January 2016 it has been known that another restriction is that cardholders must wait six months to be able to access the passenger seats, a new obstacle that makes it impossible to emigrate.

Scandalous figures

According to figures from the Central University of Venezuela more than 1,500,000 the number of Venezuelans who have decided to emigrate in search of new opportunities.

According to the study carried out by the UCV, almost 90% of the Venezuelans who have left are professionals and 40% of them have specialization or postgraduate degrees.

The main venues for Venezuelans are the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Panama and Ecuador.