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The long live corruption culture

In Latin America there is an environment and a frame of reference that generates conditions conducive for the phenomenon of corruption to occur. We can approach it from three spheres of action: economic, political and social.

The desire to obtain an unjustified gain or advantage; The absence of ethical values; Prefixing the private interest to the collective or the absence of internal controls, prefigures the conditions that favor corruption, since regardless of the concern that the needs of development and social welfare are met, in the economic part "someone" seeks a great monetary utility and other personal benefits with the desire to obtain a profit or an unjustified advantage, which is conjugated as a perverse incentive, with impunity, which today is a worldwide concern.

Social frustration in many Latin American countries is an unquestionable reality. It is a feeling of failure, helplessness, weakness and even loneliness in front of something indefinable, but very powerful: corruption and impunity.

Politically, we have deficiencies or weaknesses in the institutional legal framework, which allows the great fraudsters to develop; And on the other hand, there are groups of power that want to make their vision and their interests prevail over that of others.

In the social part, the lack of an education, the few or no spaces of community participation, distrust and scarce solidarity of the citizenry, generate indolence and apathy in society.

We must not lose sight of the cause-and-effect, between poverty and corruption, where more corruption, greater poverty, and greater poverty, more corruption, which causes a serious social deterioration that affects collective rights that affect a greater degree of inequality.

In the case of countries with democracy, corruption can be increased by several factors: unemployment, inequality, lack of education and opportunities, all factors that lead us back to social exclusion.

And if the perception of corruption is high, it is very likely that the citizen who has the possibility to participate in an illegal act considers that it is normal and that surely nothing will happen if he makes the decision to do so.