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Ecuadorian mangoes in China via e-commerce

Ecuador has begun a campaign in China to promote its mangoes, recently admitted into the Asian giant’s markets following 13 years of negotiations with Beijing.

At an event held at the Shanghai headquarters of online fresh food retailer Yiguo on Tuesday, Ecuador’s commercial office (Pro Ecuador) made a bid to publicize this tropical fruit in the world’s second largest economy.

In October, the first mango shipment from Ecuador reached China and the fruit can already be found in supermarkets and fruit shops, although the South American country is eyeing the e-commerce platform to popularize the product.

“Through online platforms, it is going to make a bigger impact and reach more consumers,” Shanghai Pro Ecuador head Diego Vega told EFE.

Ecuadorian mangoes are sold in China via Yiguo’s online portal as well as its outlet on the Alibaba-owned online marketplace Tmall, with special promotional offers.

Ecuador hopes to make the most of the burgeoning online trade in China, globally the largest market for the sector, especially in terms of product promotion.

“It is tough to enter China, and even more so for a new product, to overcome the barrier of unfamiliarity,” said Vega, who thinks e-commerce, can help ease this process.

Considering the price – the mango is presently selling for 39 yuan (around $5.5) a piece, although there are special discount offers – the target customers for the fruit are city-dwellers, especially those from the growing middle and upper middle classes.

The Pro Ecuador representative said it is yet to set export targets for China and is waiting to study the outcome of the current campaign – the mango season ends in February – to lay down goals for the next fiscal.

Mango is the fourth Ecuadorian food item to have received access to the Chinese market, following fresh bananas, frozen shrimp, and cocoa; Quito is also seeking the go-ahead from Beijing for exports of dragon fruit and quinoa.