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El Chapulin Colorado brings joy to kids with cancer

Dressed as a superhero, prince, clown or chef, a doctor is bringing joy to kids with cancer whom he treats at a public hospital in Guadalajara, capital of Mexico’s eastern Jalisco state.

Dr. Sergio Gallegos Castorena each day dons a new outfit to bring smiles to the faces of dozens of kids who come to his office at Guadalajara’s Civil Hospital, which provides medical care to low-income people.

“It’s something very surprising, the reaction of each child. They give me kisses, hugs, smiles. You really break the barrier of the doctor who’s going to give you orders or give you a shot,” said the doctor in an interview with EFE.

Gallegos knows which character each patient likes best. Sometimes he’s Iron Man, other times a prince, a clown or some other colorful personality, even as an Italian chef who cooks the kids a little pizza right there in his small and colorful examination room.

The doctor has beaten cancer himself. His parents had to take him to the United States to get treatment, and since then he has dedicated his life to helping give Mexican children hope in his own country.

He says that since he was a medical student he’s carried around a clown’s nose to use when examining his young patients. Then, when he came to work at Civil Hospital in 2000, he began to fully dress up as a clown and the response from the kids was such that little by little he added dozens of different costumes to his wardrobe, many of them donated by either the hospital or other people.

Since Gallegos came to Civil Hospital, the percentage of children who overcome leukemia has risen from 34 percent to 83 percent, but the doctor says that this has been made possible because of the work of a medical team that effectively follows up on oncological treatment.

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