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Microsoft inaugurates tech security center in Brazil

Technology giant Microsoft on Wednesday inaugurated a computer security center in Brazil, the task of which will be to monitor the online activities of cyberpirates and guarantee greater protection for its customers.

The information obtained at the “Transparency Center” will be shared with the Brazilian government and will enable authorities to identify both the activities of hackers and to provide greater security for Microsoft’s data transfer operations.

The firm’s corporate vice president, Tony Townes-Whitley, emphasized the importance that the firm places on “transparent” and trustworthy relations with governments, whom it can help with their technology, with security for online data handling and via cyber-”clouds.”

She said that the world is experiencing a new tech revolution where “clouds” are the engine and data is the fuel.

But she emphasized that the clouds must be trustworthy and guarantee that the data stored in them cannot be hacked into, something that Microsoft says it will prevent using the monitoring that will be done from installations like the one in Brazil.

Participating at the event was the head of Brazil’s lower house of congress, Rodrigo Maia, representing President Michel Temer, who is on a state visit to Japan.

According to Maia, “Microsoft’s initiative will allow improvement in the control of public services” that are offered online and provide greater security guarantees for users.