Updated 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Solar Impulse II's solar technology should be applied in cities

Swiss Andre Borschberg, one of the two pilots of the Solar Impulse II, a solar-powered plane that is making a trip around the world, said on Wednesday that the technology applied in the aircraft should be used in cities.

The solar-powered plane landed on Wednesday in Cairo on its penultimate stop before completing the last flight to Abu Dhabi.

Borschberg told reporters that the aircraft takes its power from a renewable source and stores it because the user, in this case the pilot, does not need it at the same time.

He explained that this technology can be used in the same way in cities.

After nearly 50 hours of travel since leaving the Spanish town of Seville, Borschberg said that he was “excited” because it was his last trip in the Solar Impulse II, which will head for Abu Dhabi in a few days to complete the world tour, but under the command of another pilot, Swiss Bertrand Piccard.

Meanwhile, Piccard said that solar energy is a “source of social stability, wealth and peace.”

The single-seat aircraft, made of carbon fiber, can maintain a cruise speed of between 45 and 55 miles per hour and reach a maximum flying attitude of 8,500 meters.