Updated 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Venezuela Attorney General files suit against National Assembly

Venezuela's Attorney General announced Wednesday that it filed an injunction against the National Assembly before Venezuela's Supreme Court (TSJ) over "recent actions against the Constitution."

Attorney General Reinaldo Muñoz said that among these legislative measures is the "alleged impeachment against President Nicolas Maduro which is nonexistent in the Constitution" and well as promoting violent street actions like those in 2002 and 2014.

"The Attorney General's Office has the patriotic duty to ask the highest organ of Venezuelan justice to take whatever provisions are necessary to prevent the continuation of the proceedings of the National Assembly outside the Constitution," he said in remarks broadcast on Venezuelan state TV.

Venezuela's voters elected an opposition supermajority in December of 2015, but the Supreme Court has over-ruled every piece of legislation they have passed as well as even blocking the seating of some of the elected parliamentarians.

Last month, after the National Assembly found $11 billion unaccounted for from PDVSA's spending, the Supreme Court sided with former head of PDVSA Rafael Ramirez and ruled that the National Assembly couldn't even look into the missing funds.