A greener way to make vanilla

Researchers have developed a new and more environmentally friendly way to create vanillin, the primary component of vanilla. 

Wildlife crime just got personal

UNEP’s Wild for Life campaign seeks to reverse the illegal trade in wildlife by raising awareness, enforcing stronger laws and helping local communities in stopping this trend.

90% of our primates are threatened

Colombia is the third country with most primate species in the region, but most of them are threatened by deforestation, illegal traffic and hunting. 

There’s hope in the Amazon

Equally important as reducing carbon emissions is preserving and restoring natural ecosystems such as the Amazon rainforest. 

The war on ocean plastic

The UN launched an unprecedented global campaign against ocean plastic as more than 8 million tons of plastic leak into the ocean each year.

Why primates matter?

60% of primate species in the world are in the brink of extinction and 75% have declining populations.