Media in Venezueka

Meanwhile in Venezuela

Plan Parenthood

Suprise indictment

Pope Francis in Mexico

Pope Francis  preys for Ayotzinapa's 43

Bolivia´s Referendum

No more Evo

Islamophobia in the US

Islamophobia and Guantanamo

Minimun Wage in Venezuela

New Minimun Wage in Venezuela

Putin's mess in Syria

Putin’s Syria withdrawal.

Obama in Cuba

Political prisoners and  Obama's visit

Political prisoners and  Obama's visit


The infamy of terrorism

Specila migrant status for cubans

Clearly Cuban-americans  want the keep the status quo

Child's play

The key to break Iphone security

Panama: Tax Heaven

Panama papers shines lights on Tax Heavens

Sanders take on NY - Primaries

Democratic Party Primaries come to New York

Ecuador lives

Ecuador´s heart still beating

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