Lenin Moreno

  • Lenín Moreno

    A bright, new future for Ecuador

    Lenín Moreno's presidency has officially begun. His economic and political intentions will determine the country's stability.

  • Lenín Moreno

    Ecuador waits for Lenín Moreno

    Will the new president be less authoritarian than his predecessor?

  • Has the pink tide truly turned?, Ecuador might have the answer

    The country faces its first election in a decade without Rafael Correa but although the favourite, Lenín Moreno, is from the same party they are different characters

  • Lenin Moreno

    La nueva etapa de Ecuador ha llegado

    Oficialmente, la presidencia de Lenín Moreno ha comenzado. Sus intenciones económicas y políticas determinarán la estabilidad del país.

  • Rafael Correa - Lenin Moreno

    The disappointment of a successor

    As Rafael Correa leaves for Belgium, he does so with a heavy heart.

  • What to expect from Ecuador’s new president

    As Correísmo hangs on, Moreano has made lots of promises, but will struggle to keep them

  • Why Ecuador matters!!

    We just witnessed part 1 of the presidential race in Ecuador, where thanks to a divided opposition, the government-backed candidate Lenin Moreno secured participation in the run-off election scheduled for April 2nd.

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