• When a “coup” is not a coup

    How should presidential systems deal with political breakdown?

  • What lies behind turmoil in Brazil

    A president faces impeachment, a signs of voters fed up with corruption and looking for blame. The ultimate answer, however, lies in choosing and voting for moral candidates.

  • Uruguay and Chile, least corrupt countries in Latin America

    In Latin America, Uruguay leads with a ranking of 21, followed by The Bahamas and Chile both in 24th place, and Venezuela figures at the bottom.

  • Two weeks later, the Brazilian meat scandal continues

    The scandal of Brazilian meat companies, including JBS and BRF, is far from forgotten. Still under investigation, the meat market in Brazil is suffering from the effects of the bribes and tainted meat accusations.

  • The most corrupt cities in the world

    Tax havens, bribery and violence among what makes urban corruption.

  • The long live corruption culture

    In Latin America a political thought built on an evolution grounded in individualism is the rule.

  • The left on the run in Latin America

    A brighter future for struggling Latin Americans, ultimately, will require leaders who are accountable to their citizens.

  • The latest blow to Latam's leftist leaders

    Three things are behind the left’s fall from grace. The first is the end of the commodity boom. The second is corruption, especially in Venezuela and Brazil. Third, after a decade or more of left-wing dominance voters want fresh faces and the alternation of power.

  • The healthy roots of corruption anger in Latin America

    Corruption scandals have exploded across Latin America in recent years. Has corruption, or the perception of corruption, suddenly spiked?  - The answer is no.

  • The cost for LatAm: Corruption

    Each and every country on the region pays a price for their corrupt official, in Mexico its 9% of their GDP and in Colombia its 4%. To what extent does it hinder development?

  • Tale of ‘El Caballo’ lays bare Argentina’s culture of corruption

    For a quarter century, one man ruled the Rio Parana, the mighty Mississippi of Argentina. His name is Omar Suarez. Along the Parana  he is better known as El Caballo

  • Tainted leaders under fire by Latam’s empowered citizens

    From Guatemala to Brazil and Argentina, citizens are taking on their corrupt leaders. This could bring, on the long run, the end of a long and lucrative tradition of impunity in Latin America

  • Michel Temer

    Supreme Court OKs investigation into Brazil president

    Brazil’s Supreme Court  authorized an investigation into allegations the nation’s head of state encouraged the payment of bribes

  • South America’s Culture of Graft

    South America is a vast continent of light, yet it has a dark soul. Nestled in its political class, like a snake from the rain forest, corruption poisons the core of government.

  • Race to replace Ecuador’s Correa begins amid corruption scandal

    Ecuador kicked off its presidential campaign Tuesday amid a looming economic crisis, a lingering corruption scandal and a thirst for change

  • Peru’s opposition party kills anti-corruption bill

    Peru’s Popular Force party, led by Keiko Fujimori, has rejected a bill to strengthen prosecutors investigating money laundering, calling into question the party’s commitment to fighting corruption.

  • Peru: Small steps to the right

    Peru: Small steps to the right

    Corruption in mainly liberal, or left, governments might be flipping the scale 

  • No corruption charges for Dilma Rousseff

    A Brazilian Supreme Court magistrate rejected including accusations linking President Dilma Rousseff to the Petrobras corruption case in her own political trial, court sources reported.

  • Lula's Drama

    Only a few years ago Lula could do no wrong. What happened? A working-class hero’s sad fall from grace

  • Lula faces new corruption charges

    Federal prosecutors filed new corruption charges on Monday against Brazil’s former president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

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