• Yaminahua becomes official

    The government of Peru recognized the official language of the alphabet of the indigenous community Yaminahua.

  • Xochimilco might know the secret to end with the starve worldwide

    The chinampas are small islands of marshy land very rich for cultivation, created by indigenous, that are supposedly able to provide all the Mexican population with just 10% of the land.

  • What names are Latin parents choosing for their babies?

    What names are Latin parents choosing for their babies?

    In the past year, these are the preferred names by parents of Latin American countries

  • What does it mean to be “Latino”?

    Does a Latin American identity really exist? The word Latino has unified a group of people under its meaning, what is that meaning?  

  • Venezuela: a metaphor alive

    "La Soledad" by the filmmaker Jorge Thielen Armand is his catharsis to show the chaotic situation of Venezuela.

  • The year for Augusto Roa Bastos

    The “Real Academia de la Lengua Española” will hold a special edition of "Yo el Supremo" for 2017, the masterpiece of the Paraguayan intellectual.

  • Tattoos and piercings: the ancient cultural expression

    A sense of belonging, a tribal connection, a preparation for a ceremony or mere pleasure made our indigenous ancestors express themselves through body art

  • South American music festivals you shouldn`t miss

    During the past years Central and South America have seen some of the biggest growth in the industry when it comes to new festivals and famous ones that are looking to expand.

  • Recognized, bigger and stronger

    “El Mercado de las pulgas de Usaquén” is a centre of culture and entrepreneurship promotion that aims higher each year.

  • Preservation made possible by indigenous women

    Woman plays a fundamental role in the development and preservation of native mother language, an invaluable wealth of the linguistic culture of Latin America.

  • Philip Potdevin took Wayú culture into a book

    The Colombian writer Philip Potdevin has just published his novel 'Palabrero', with Intermediate Publishers.

  • NOTAMIA on air

    The news agency of indigenous and Afro-descendant women, was presented in Mexico with the objective of making visible the work of this group in Latin America and to promote communication between cultures.

  • Modern democracy conquered Latin America before Europe

    A group of researchers found the first outlines of a society with democracy in Latin America, its origin is not a European phenomenon and it existed before the invasion of the Spanish empire.

  • Latin American art lands in LA

    More than 40 Latin American and Hispanic art exhibitions and events will invade Southern California in the United States, as part of an initiative called Pacific Standard Time: LA / LA.

  • Latin America landed in Berlin

    Mexican filmmaker Esteban Arrangoiz Julien, whose short film "Ensueño en la Pradera" won the Silver Bear of this category at the Berlinale, calls out for culture.

  • Frida Kahlo: a brilliant life built from the shadows

    Frida Kahlo: a brilliant life built from the shadows

    The artist faced hardship in multiple occasions throughout her life, and her legacy lives on beyond the borders of her home country, Mexico

  • Ecuador traditional “Toquilla” straw hats in China

    Though known throughout the world as Panama hats, toquillas are originally from Ecuador, as UNESCO recognized in 2012 when it declared the weaving of the straw fabric from the Andean toquilla plant an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

  • Did ancient tribes shaped the Amazon?

    New research shows the Amazon was partly shaped by indigenous peoples thousands of years ago.

  • Culture through her voice

    Proud of being an Oaxacan indigenous woman, the soprano María Reyna González shares the sounds of the Mixe language to the world.

  • BOGOSHORTS hits the road

    BOGOSHORTS world tour is an initiative of the BOGOSHORTS Movement and the Bogotá Short Film Festival - BOGOSHORTS for the international promotion of Colombian talent in the short film format. 

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