• “Killa” kills the expectations

    The Ecuadorian feature film "Killa (before the moon comes out)", becomes the first in the country to narrate a story with the 50% of the dialogues in Quechua language.

  • “La mujer del animal” made a big entrance

    The Colombian film has been awarded the best film in the XXIII edition of the Latin American Film Show of Catalonia.

  • Pequeños Héroes

    “Pequeños Héroes” takes a big leap

    The movie is set on breaking the limits of the animated film industry in Latin America

  • A Love Affair’s Ending: Disney Breaks Up with Netflix

    A Love Affair’s Ending: Disney Breaks Up with Netflix

    Disney will pull all of its content from the world’s current top streaming platform to release its own service by 2019

  • A musical that fights discrimination

    ‘Come from Away’ is a Canadian musical which celebrates kindness towards strangers. 

  • Alba Eiragi Duarte is the first

    The Paraguayan Writers Society welcomes the first indigenous woman poet. 

  • Huaca Garay

    Ancient Peru left mysterious hints

    Depictions of ferocious and fearsome serpents, multi-colored big cats, and other mythological creatures are just some of the mysteries left behind.

  • April: Gabriela Mistral month!

    Undoubtedly, one of the main figures in Chilean and Latin American literature; and the only Latin American female poet to win a Nobel Prize.

  • Belize with Mayan history

    A couple of months ago, a team of archaeologists at the University of California, San Diego, United States, had found a unique remnant in an archaeological site of Nim Li Punit (Belize) and the results of the studies are finally here.

  • National Museum of Colombia

    Best museums to visit in Bogota

    Colombia’s vibrant, engaging capital is overflowing with fascinating history

  • BOGOSHORTS hits the road

    BOGOSHORTS world tour is an initiative of the BOGOSHORTS Movement and the Bogotá Short Film Festival - BOGOSHORTS for the international promotion of Colombian talent in the short film format. 

  • Bolivia: the bible in Aymara?

    Pope Francis publicly honored a Bolivian for his work translating religious texts into native languages of South America.

  • Brazil’s Rural Culture Diminished

    It is a shame that "vaquejadas" have been banished rather than regulated.

  • Buena Vista Social Club

    Buena Vista Social Club comes back to say a last goodbye

    Two decades after its unlikely revival, Lucy Walker's documentary film bids goodbye to the Cuban all-star group

  • Caminito  - Buenos Aires

    Caminito: A street full of culture

    If you want to learn how to dance Tango, Caminito is the correct place where you can see, smell, and experience all about this singular music

  • Corruption, Crime and Culture, Work Best in Mexico

    British artist Brian Nissen, who has spent many years in Mexico, believes that the three things that work best in this country are its culture, crime and corruption, all of which continue to grow incessantly.

  • Culture through her voice

    Proud of being an Oaxacan indigenous woman, the soprano María Reyna González shares the sounds of the Mixe language to the world.

  • Did ancient tribes shaped the Amazon?

    New research shows the Amazon was partly shaped by indigenous peoples thousands of years ago.

  • In Lima, Peru, history and culture run deep

    Lima it’s truly an international city, with a wealth of sights, tastes and activities that connect the present with its ancient past (all on a relatively inexpensive budget, of course).

  • Is the youth endangering culture and tradition?

    The lack of interest shown by the young LatAm population might be the cause of extinction of the culture, tradition, and history of the region.

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