• Menstruation

    Menstruation is not the problem

    A woman’s monthly cycle is a common experience shared by all females. However, low income and lack of education make it extremely difficult to live a healthy period.

  • Honduras: Historic opportunity to decriminalize abortion

    Preventing women from exercising their human rights by stopping them from being able to make decisions over their own bodies only puts their health and lives in danger

  • Gender violence

    Gender violence and its role in today’s society

    Is violence against women a reflection of an uncontrollable reality?

  • Equatorial Guinea and its violence against Paraguayan women

    Sexual violence is not a new topic for Latin America, however, women trade is getting worse in Paraguay with the illegal support from politic figures in Equatorial Guinea.

  • Dominican Republic female population stands up

    Abortion was decriminalized in February 2014, however, the Supreme Court recently decided to reinstate the absolute criminal prohibition of abortion, dating from the nineteenth century. In addition, homosexual marriage is not allowed and has not created any law that protects the situation of the LGTB collective.

  • Big hit to women rights in El Salvador

    Rights groups condemn opposition proposal to put sentences for abortion on a par with penalty for aggravated murder with extreme cruelty. the newly aproved abortion law change could leave women facing 50 years in jail

  • 70% of human trafficking victims are women and girls

    According to the 2016 Global Report on Trafficking in Persons trafficking for sexual exploitation remains the most detected form. 

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