• The Mapuche community is fighting for their rights

    The Mapuche community is fighting for their rights

    The native people of Argentina and Chile seek to have their laws respected by the government 

  • Six reasons why Argentina's Macri is off to a good start

    Mauricio Macri ended his first month in office with key victories: Former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s opposition party is divided as Argentina is shifting away from Kirchner’s support for dictators and rights abusers

  • Mauricio Macri, ¿gerente o presidente?

    Su gobierno está basado en un partido de centro-derecha formado por antiguos empresarios y activistas de organizaciones civiles que surgieron tras la crisis de 2001.

  • Macri: where did his victory come from?

    Macri: where did his victory come from?

    With the result of the legislative elections, the Argentinian president assures the viability of his proposals, and sinks the opposition lead by Cristina Fernández

  • Macri, Trudeau back international trade to help middle class

    Macri said that the two men also had agreed to push for talks between Mercosur and Canada, as well as bilateral discussions.

  • Macri renewed his commitment to change

    Argentine President headed the main event of Argentine Flag Day, during which he renewed his commitment to “change” in the country, change that would include “zero poverty” and a war on drugs.

  • Macri out to boost argentine exports of value-added products

    Argentine President Mauricio Macri called Friday for an increase in the volume of exports, especially of value-added products, so that what is “made in Argentina reaches the entire world.”

  • Macri insists in Malvinas claim

    Argentine president said that his country's claim to the Falkland Islands remained unchanged following Britain's vote to leave the EU. “Brexit or not, our claim will never change”

  • Macri faces nationwide strike by public sector workers

    Hospital and government workers among those set to stage one-day walkout as anger over economic policy dents Macro’s popularity

  • Macri attends economic forum in Colombia

    Argentine president Mauricio Macri said Mercosur needs “a greater integration dynamics” and defended the idea that the Atlantic regional block country members work to reach agreements with countries of the Pacific Alliance.

  • Macri asks Congress to OK creditors deal

    Argentine President Mauricio Macri on Tuesday urged Congress to approve a landmark deal reached with creditors over defaulted debt

  • Macri and Temer agree to open Mercosur and to closer ties with Mexico

    In a state visit to Brasilia, Argentina President Mauricio Macri said that Mercosur would focus on strengthening its relationship with Mexico, Latin America's second-largest economy after Brazil.

  • Argentines continue to support Macri

    Most Argentines are pessimistic about the country’s economic situation, but they are continuing to stand by Let’s Change (Cambiemos) leader President Mauricio Macri

  • Argentina’s scientists engulfed in budget crisis

    Scientists in Argentina are bracing for hard times next year. Later this month, the country’s senate is expected to approve a 2017 budget that would deal a crippling blow to research.

  • Argentina’s never ending environmental disaster

    The Matanzaz-Riachuelo river has been identified as one of the worst cases of industrial pollution in the world. 

  • Argentina’s honesty comes with a price

    Since 2012, the Argentinian inflation numbers were concealed from the public. Now, under Macri’s administration, the real numbers are in and they’re not encouraging

  • Argentina’s economy: The cost of truth

    President Macri introduces a new bank note. But the state of Argentina’s economy is worrying

  • Argentina to bet big on public works to accelerate economic recovery

    President Mauricio Macri’s administration is reportedly allocating AR $15,766 million (US $978,427,520) to such projects throughout the year, 46 percent more than what was earmarked in 2016.

  • Mauricio Macri

    Are Macri’s policies working for Argentina’s economy?

    The last few years haven’t been easy for Argentina. However, under Mauricio Macri’s presidency, credibility and optimism are restoring economic growth.

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