Venezuelans pour into Colombia, desperate for medical care they can’t find at home

Venezuela’s stunning economic collapse — going from one of the hemisphere’s most prosperous countries to the region’s basket case — is starting to have ripple effects in neighboring nations.

Brazil's Odebrecht fined at least $2.6bn for bribery

The company and Brazilian petrochemical firm, Braskem, have agreed to pay at least $3.5bn (£2.8bn) to the authorities in the US, Brazil and Switzerland.

Our country of the year by The Economist

The conflict between Colombia’s government and the Marxist insurgents of the FARC lasted for half a century and claimed perhaps 220,000 lives.

Venezuela reopens Colombian border — just as abruptly as it closed it

In the latest whiplash policy decision, Venezuela reopened the border with Colombia on Tuesday, just days after it had announced the 1,274-mile frontier would be closed until Jan. 2.

Recession emboldens Argentina’s opposition

No growth, no votes: An end to a reformist president’s long honeymoon

Ex-president Piñera leads polls to ein chilean presidency

Piñera has still not formally declared that he is seeking re-election, although last week he held a meeting with deputies of the main right-wing parties at the offices of the Avanza Chile coalition.

Brazil’s Lula indicted for fifth time on corruption charges

A federal judge in Brazil has accepted new corruption charges against former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who had already been indicted in four other graft cases.

Former adversaries in armed conflict living together in peace

In a clearing in the northern Colombian mountains, members of the United Nations, soldiers and police are living with FARC guerrillas to supervise the process whereby the rebels will turn in their weapons and demobilize, as set forth in the peace agreement.

Evo Morales to run again despite referendum ruling it out

Ruling party considering ways to allow Morales to legally run, including changing constitution through legislative assembly

Reversing Cuba policy seen as a punch in the gut to Latin America

One of the most significant effects of the U.S. détente with Cuba had less to do with relations between the two countries than with helping stop the “pink tide” that was pulsing through Latin America.

Venezuela Mercosur: Battle of rooms at Latin American summit

Venezuela's Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez has tried to gate-crash a Mercosur meeting in Buenos Aires.

Venezuela closes border with Colombia 'to destroy mafia'

Venezuela has closed its border with Colombia for 72 hours in the latest measure to combat smuggling gangs.

Nobel Peace Prize: Santos calls for 'rethink' of war on drugs

The President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, has used his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech to call for the world to "rethink" the war on drugs.

Venezuela seizes Christmas toys to distribute to poor

Venezuelan authorities have arrested two toy company executives and seized almost four million toys, which they say they will distribute to the poor.

Cuba wants to sign accords with U.S. before Obama exit

Cuba said on Wednesday it hoped to sign off on at least half a dozen agreements with the United States before businessman Donald Trump becomes president on Jan. 20.

Panama Struggles to Shed Its Image as a Magnet for Shady Deals

In August of last year, Panama sought to shed its image as a magnet for shady deals and narco traffickers by paying at least $2 million to host the world’s largest anticorruption conference, now taking place in Panama City.

Brazil Supreme Court defuses clash with Senate

The decision should aid President Temer, who has been counting on Calheiros, a political ally, to help shepherd through Congress unpopular austerity measures

Colombian peace process hits another bump

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) announced Tuesday that its members will not start heading for the areas where they must gather before laying down their arms due to the lack of infrastructure in those areas and "legal obstructions."

Venezuela dialogue to testart on Jan. 13, after review

After the opposition's declarations that they will not contiinue with the diologue, the Vatican’s special mediator between the government and the opposition  said that it will be “revived” on Jan. 13 after a review phase.

Supreme Court Justice removes Brazil’s Senate leader amid graft case

A justice on Brazil’s Supreme Court on Monday night removed the powerful head of the Senate from his post, as tensions have escalated between Congress and the judiciary

Brazil: Thousands marches against 'watered down anti-corruption bill'

Tens of thousands of Brazilians have joined street protests against a vote which they say threatens to undermine a major anti-corruption investigation.

Legislators vote against anti-corruption bill in Brazil

Congress passes bill with changes that would help shield lawmakers from prosecution, angering investigators, as nation grapples with deadly plane crash

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