Puerto Rico- USA

Puerto Rico: the 51st state of the USA?

The island is going through one of its toughest economic crisis, would becoming a part of the USA be a real solution?

Latin American universities

Latin American universities need to step up

Despite growing numbers in registration and attendance to higher education institutions, Latin American education lags behind

Haitians in Chile

Haitians in Chile and the barriers to solve

Haitians request of permanent residence has tripled over the last ten years. However, it hasn't been easy to settle in Chile.


FARC hands off 30 percent of their weapons

FARC rebel group stated that they are complying with the accords stated within the peace agreement signed last year

Dilma Rousseff - Michel Temer

Proceedings against Temer and Rousseff over election funding

Brazil's Superior Electoral Court is deliberating on a case which could topple the country's President, Michel Temer

Constituent Assembly election on July 30

Venezuelan constituent assembly election on July 30

On July 30, according to the board’s proposal, the 545 members of the constituent assembly will be elected.

Organisation of American States

OAS fails to agree on Venezuela as protests continue

A meeting of the Organisation of American States to discuss the crisis in Venezuela ended without agreement

Goldman Sachs  Venezuela debt deal

Goldman Sachs accused of 'funding immorality' in Venezuela debt deal

The New York-based investment bank came under fire from Venezuelan politicians and protesters in New York opposed to Maduro

Panama's Manuel Noriega

Panama's Manuel Noriega dies at 83

General Manuel Antonio Noriega, the former military leader of Panama, has died aged 83

Clamour grows for Brazil's President Temer to resign

Clamour grows for Brazil's President Temer to resign

Thousands of people off from heading down to Copacabana to join calls for President Michel Temer to step down.

FARC Weapons

Colombia’s FARC says more time needed to hand over weapons

The FARC guerrillas won’t meet a May 29 deadline to hand over their weapons

Electing a new president won’t solve Mexico’s problems

Mexicans must use their indignation as fuel for collective action that strikes at the root of the nation’s problems

Constitutional Court

Peace in Colombia comes in slow motion

A recent ruling made by the Constitutional Court will slow down the execution of the peace agreements.


Venezuela's Maduro presses on with constituent assembly

Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro has pressed ahead with plans to create a citizens' assembly to draw up a new constitution.

Lenín Moreno

Ecuador waits for Lenín Moreno

Will the new president be less authoritarian than his predecessor?

Temer's time running out

Temer's time running out

Temer's time running out; economic reforms delayed; possible names to succeed the discredited president

 Venezuela's Suprem Court

US sanctions 8 judges on Venezuela's Suprem Court

The U.S. imposed a new round of sanctions on high-level Venezuelan officials, this time targeting eight Supreme Court judges

Brazilian Defense Minister Raul Jungmann

Brazil border plans, reiterates concern over Venezuela

Brazilian Defense Minister Raul Jungmann said that his office is preparing plans for border security and reiterated the “regional” concern over the Venezuela

UN Security Council to examine situation in Venezuela

The United Nations Security Council will analyze the situation in Venezuela on Wednesday in an informal closed-door meeting, diplomatic sources said on Tuesday.

Macri and Xi jinping

Argentina’s Macri urges China to help connect Asia with South America

Macri and the Chilean president, Michelle Bachelet, are the only South American leaders at the Beijing forum

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet

Chile ready to be a bridge between Asia and Latin America

Bachelet said Chile is not the only country with such an interest and highlighted the efforts being made in Latin America through groups such as the Alliance of the Pacific

President Temer's first year after impeachment

A year has passed since Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was impeached.

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