Withdrawal from Trans-Pacific Partnership shifts U.S. role in world economy

President Trump’s cancellation Monday of an agreement for a sweeping trade deal with Asia began recasting America’s role in the global economy, leaving an opening for other countries to flex their muscles.

Brazil confident in “recovery curve”

Brazil's Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles has admitted that the government is going to revise its official forecast for this year's GDP growth

IMF endorses Colombia's economic direction

The international body praised the Colombian government's economic policies, as well as the 4th generation road infrastructure investment programs, which help reduce infrastructure gaps and diversify sources of growth.

More than 200 foreign companies have arrived in Colombia

In the last 5 years, approximately 200 foreign companies began their operations in the country, building new plants, business offices, and subsidiaries.

With a major oil discovery, Guyana is poised to become a top producer

Guyana, the tiny English-speaking South American country, is poised to become the next big oil producer in the Western Hemisphere

IMF downgrades Latin America prospects

IMF is now forecasting regional GDP growth of just 1.2% in 2017, down from the 1.6% projection it made in October.

Venezuela’s new highest denomination bills can barely get you a Big Mac

New currency began circulating in Venezuela this week, the 500, 5,000 and 20,000 bolivar notes appearing first and which, many have pointed out, are barely enough to purchase even the cheapest of items.

Argentina’s YPF signs gas exploration deal in Bolivia

Argentine state oil company YPF on Monday signed a 40-year natural gas exploration contract with Bolivian counterpart YPFB for an area with reserves estimated at 2.7 trillion cubic feet.

Investors more optimistic about Brazil’s Petrobras in 2017

In addition to US$4 billion secured in new bonds, company received US$5 billion financing from China Development Bank and finalized sale of Chilean subsidiary.

Latin America to pay price of Trump victory in bond rush

Borrowing costs jumped in the wake of Donald Trump’s unexpected U.S. presidential election victory in November. Now that volatility has started to cool

Brazil worries about Paraguay

As recession continues, Brazilian businesses head to Paraguay that is positioning itself as low-cost manufacturing hub

Mercosur and EU look to 2017

Mercosur and EU feel “2017 is a window of opportunity”, but can't find the path despite Brexit and Trump

Colombia’s 2016 inflation rate at 5.75%, misses government target

Colombia’s 2016 inflation was set at 5.75% by the country’s national Central Bank, missing the government-set target for the year but still down from the inflation recorded in 2015.

Cuban coal shipment marks first export to US in 60 years

Cubaexport was the company that signed an international contract with the North American company Coabana Trading LLC; the two companies recently signed a formal agreement on coal export.

BMW 'absolutely committed' to a new Mexican plant

BMW is spending $1bn on a plant in Mexico, while other firms are investing in the US or moving production back.

Venezuela minimum wage to rise by 50% 'to combat inflation'

President Nicolas Maduro says the move will protect jobs and incomes. Critics say it may worsen the crisis. The International Monetary Fund says inflation will reach 1,600% this year.

Mexico central bank sells $1 billion to prop peso after Trump slump: traders

Mexico's central bank sold dollars in Mexico and New York on Thursday to fight off the peso's nose dive to record lows amid fears U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's protectionist policies

Mexicans are the Nafta winners? It’s news to them

Mr. Trump made questioning the virtues of Nafta a centerpiece of his campaign, at one point calling it “the worst trade deal maybe ever signed anywhere,”

Argentina to bet big on public works to accelerate economic recovery

President Mauricio Macri’s administration is reportedly allocating AR $15,766 million (US $978,427,520) to such projects throughout the year, 46 percent more than what was earmarked in 2016.

Ford Motors cancels $1.6bn Mexico plant

Ford has said it will cancel a $1.6bn (£1.3bn) plant it planned to build in Mexico and instead extend operations at its factory in Michigan.

Cuba's economy contracts in 2016

Castro condemns “obsolete mentality” against foreign capital, as economy contracts. In his speech, Castro appealed to a combination of foreign capital investment and austerity to bring about the 2% economic growth

Brazil’s Federal Government Has No Timeline to Help States

Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles says it is important 'not to implicitly transfer the state debt problem to the Union'.


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