EU trade deal with Mercosur

EU trade deal with Mercosur might start by year's end

EU and Argentina confident a trade deal with Mercosur can be reached by the end of the year

Inequality in Latin America

Inequality reduction has slowed in Latin America

The decline in inequality in terms of income distribution observed since 2008 results from the priority that countries give to social development objectives

Brazilian economic crisis

The Brazilian economic crisis persists

Corruption accusations have finally reached the president Michel Temer and it seems as if the pursuit of economic stability will suffer.

Santos Trump

Trump’s words don’t match his budget

At first, the visit of Juan Manuel Santos to the White House turned out easier than expected. However, Trump’s proposed budget dragged spirits down.

Lenín Moreno

A bright, new future for Ecuador

Lenín Moreno's presidency has officially begun. His economic and political intentions will determine the country's stability.

Venezuela's debt

Venezuela's options to repay debts

After a deep recession and low crude prices hit output and prompted Caracas to seek funds from China and Russia.

Cancelling NAFTA would be lost opportunity for 3 countries

Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray said that cancelling the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement would be a “lost opportunity” for the US, Canada and Mexico


Canada and the EU are crucial for Mercosur

The trips of Canadian and EU representatives to Latin American countries have resulted in interesting plans for Mercosur.

free trade agreement

Australia and Peru's free trade agreement

Australia plans to start negotiating a free trade deal with Peru as part of a new Australian push to open Latin American markets for beef

Brazil oil

Canada And Brazil could jeopardize oil market balance

There are two other major oil producers in the Americas whose production is set to increase this year, and over the next five years: Canada and Brazil.

Pacific Alliance

Pacific Alliance looks to Asia as NAFTA, TPP face uncertainty

Pacific Alliance countries are in talks with countries including Australia and New Zealand to expand the trade bloc outside of Latin America.


NAFTA rewrite planned

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer sent a letter to congressional leaders, starting 90 days of consultations

Central America: Northern Triangle

Northern Triangle: A never-ending crisis?

How are the conditions in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador affecting the economy of the region?

Colombian Coffee

Coffee market on the fence over Colombian crop

Colombia's coffee output in April, the first month of the mitaca harvest, tumbled 20% year on year to 834,000 bags

icaraguan Interoceanic Canal

What happened to the Nicaraguan Interoceanic Canal?

What started as one of the biggest economic projects in the region ended as a mysterious flop.

What are the effects of Colombia’s biggest gas finding?

The recent gas discovery of Ecopetrol, Colombia’s state oil company, is expected to have important effect on the country’s economy.

Latin American opportunities abound, according to top investment fund

"If you are seeking returns, go LatAm," Javier Montero, a fund manager with Moneda Asset Management SA

Brazilian government promotes investment in ports

President Michel Temer announced a series of measures Wednesday to encourage domestic and foreign investment in Brazil’s ports

Uruguay: A new marijuana economy?

Uruguay is on the verge of implementing legal cultivation, sale and consumption of marijuana. What will be the economic implications of these policies?

The long road between the AIIB and Latin America

In an interview with Laurel Ostfield, Head of Communication and Development of the AIIB, we reviewed the plans of the bank.

How Venezuela ruined its oil industry

How can it be that the country with the world's largest proved oil reserves can't afford to feed its people? The current crisis can be traced to the historical management of the country's oil industry.

Panama Canal: one year on

As the first anniversary for the expanded Panama Canal looms, expectations about box ship throughput have been surpassed, although there are some hurdles to be faced


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