The Peruvian energy sector won't slow down

Despite one of the worst winters in Peruvian history, the energy sector remains optimistic.

Heavily indebted Puerto Rico files for bankruptcy

In doing so, the island’s authorities resorted to the so-called Title III provision of the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act

Organising against the gig economy: lessons from Latin America?

New strategies of organisation and workers’ control in Latin America suggest ways to tackle the insecurity of the gig economy.

CELAC: Blockchain can help de-risking in Latin American banking

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) has stated Blockchain could help improve costs in troubled banking sectors.

Fiscal performance in Latam is starting to improve

In much of Latin America and the Caribbean, fiscal performance is set to improve from this year, after a period of sharp deterioration in recent years

Brazil Unemployment Crisis Worse In 20 Years

The population of Brazilians without a job is now equal to the city of London and Rio de Janeiro, combined

Maduro hikes Venezuela minimum wage by 60%

Venezuela is the country with the world’s highest inflation, which the International Monetary Fund predicts will increase to 2,000 percent next year.

Colombia: Poverty levels and what should the government do about it

Recent reports released by the DANE indicate both concerns and optimism regarding poverty in Colombia. After exploring the general outlook, what are the next steps?

Will 2017 be a prosperous year for the Latin American markets?

Analysts argue that, despite the volatility of the region, Latin American markets are more appealing than before.

Trump says NAFTA deal with Canada, Mexico, is 'very possible'

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday that renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement with neighboring Canada and Mexico was "very possible,"

Most influential brands in Brazil are tech companies

This year’s survey shows Google ranking top, followed by YouTube, Facebook and Microsoft.

Colombia urges a pension reform

The current fiscal gap calls for an urgent reform in the pension funds system.

The Venezuelan crisis could strengthen Russia’s position in the U.S.

In a strange turn of events, Venezuela’s crisis could lead to Russia gain control of 4% of the U.S. oil infrastructure.

Three key trends for the future of Latin America's economy

Latin America is open for business and represents a compelling investment opportunity, buoyed by regional integration, a rising consumer class, and a continued focus on trade and industrialization.

Colombia bets on the auto industry: pros and cons

Colombia and Argentina signed an agreement to promote the auto industry. What are its pros and cons?

Bolivia’s minimum wage sees 301% rise

Bolivian minimum wage rose 310 per cent since President Evo Morales took office in 2006, with an annually continuous increase in the interest of workers.

China becomes Chile's leading wine market

China overtook the United States in 2016 to become Chile's No. 1 wine market, Angelica Valenzuela, commercial director of Vinos de Chile

Growth returns to Latin America & Caribbean

The World Bank says that countries in the Caribbean and Latin America are now pursuing countercyclical fiscal policies, in that they are spending more in bad times and saving in good times.

Colombians’ debt with banks increases

Despite good feelings towards economic future, Colombians still carry big debts with banks.

Mercosur and Canada hold talks for a possible trade agreement

The meeting took place given Argentina's commitment, as chair of Mercosur, to boost regional dialogue with Canada, as it was agreed with Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau when he visited Argentina last November.

Venezuela staves off default, but low oil prices pose a threat

Venezuela has put off a reckoning on its tens of billions of dollars in debt, but its ability to avoid a disastrous default will probably require much higher oil prices

Against all odds, Mexico’s economy is thriving

Trump’s initial threats against Mexico seem to be in stand-by. Meanwhile, it’s time for the country to strengthen its institutions.


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