Cannabis crops Paraguay

Paraguay: Marijuana affecting the environment

Cannabis crops are causing deforestation in protected areas

Hello deserts, goodbye people

Rising temperatures threatens to unleash a humanitarian crisis according to various sources

deforestation in Central America

Cocaine production and deforestation in Central America

'Narco-deforestation' has boomed in the region as the trade has been pushed out of Mexico and the Caribbean.

Are drylands the new normal?

Are drylands the new normal?

Satellite imagery indicates that forest cover on dry parts of the planet is substantially higher than previous estimates.

Indigenous groups can really battle deforestation

A study finally shows how Peruvian forest loss declined after indigenous groups were granted titles to their land.

The largest páramo in the world under threat

The Sumapaz páramo in Colombia is threatened by fracking as exploration areas have been delimited close by. 

Chile’s 1M hectares of new protected land

The Chilean government announced a massive conservation campaign that will result in a network of national parks protected under strict regulations. 

There’s hope in the Amazon

Equally important as reducing carbon emissions is preserving and restoring natural ecosystems such as the Amazon rainforest. 

Peace rangers to protect Sierra Nevada

The government and the Arhuac people are working together to protect their ancestral capital.

Ecological Conservation in a post-conflict time

Colombian ecologists will finally be able to assess the state of ecosystems that were off-limits to research and development. 

This is Chile’s newest marine protected area

Mar de Juan Fernández is located 670km off the coast of Valparaiso.

Colombia lost over 5200km2 of forest

Between 2002 and 2016 the country lost its forests to agriculture and cattle ranching. 

Bolivian glaciers threatened by mining

There are more than 40 mining concessions in mount Illimani. 

Why to protect Bogota’s wetlands

With more than 15 wetlands in the city it is necessary to know why to protect them. 

About 40% of Colombia’s land is degraded

Cattle ranching, agriculture, mining housing and tourism are among the causes and they could lead to a decrease in productivity and an imbalance in ecosystems. 

5% of oceans are now protected

The world now considers 3.6 million square kilometers of ocean as marine protected areas. 

Antarctic glaciers continue to lose height

West Antarctica’s ice loss is taking new scales and pace and this satellite record shows it.

Illegal gold mining is destroying Peru’s forests

62,500 hectares of forest have been lost in only 4 years.

South American countries committed with saving the Andean Mountain Cat

Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru house the UICN’s endangered species. 

Colombia's Wiwas take the lead on conservation

This indigenous group is working with The Nature Conservancy NGO to protect the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

10% of the Earth's wilderness destroyed

In the last 25 years we've destroyed 10% of the Earth's wilderness. 132,000 square kilometers per year have been lost since 1990, recent study says.

5 Facts about the Amazon fires

Amazon's wildfire season began in July and will end in November, but this time most of the fires are far from being natural. 

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