World Heritage Sites

World Heritage Sites could disappear due to climate change

The International Union for Conservation of Nature claims for urgent actions to mitigate the risk


There are only 90,000 wild giraffes left in the world

There are various species that are in danger including chimpanzees, lions, and leopards

New Zealand: trying to save Kiwi birds

New Zealand: trying to save Kiwi birds

The overpopulation of Australian possums has affected the ecosystem in New Zealand to the point where this type of bird is in real danger


Can hawksbill sea turtles be saved from extinction?

These are some of the measures NGO's like the World Wildlife Fund have taken in cooperation with Latin American governments

¿The world is on fire?

¿The world is on fire?

Fires in California and in the Iberian Peninsula have killed more than 80 people, making this season one of the worst in history

Penguin advocates close down a mine in Chile

Penguin advocates close down a mine in Chile

The mine was located in the city of La Higuera threatening the population of penguins of Humboldt

Wildfires California

Firefighters battle wildfires and record heat in California

More than 10,000 men battle major fires throughout the State

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