Are there governments that care about recycling?


Various countries are setting precedents when it comes to caring about the environment

What is recycling? Recycling means "to reuse" what some may call garbage. Through special treatment it can be transformed into something else without emitting pollution. There are three groups of waste that are distinguished by the color of the containers themselves. For example, paper (yellow), glass (green), and plastic (blue).
Recycling takes time and it is not something we are all used to. However, the last scientific research dealing with pollutants came to an alarming conclusion. It became almost mandatory that governments of all countries make calls and harden sanctions for those who do not comply with minimum standards for recycling and responsible use of waste.
When it comes to Chile, its government has tried controlling their emission of greenhouse gases in the hopes to better the well-being of the environment. The South American country has had constant problems when it comes to smog. As a result, the nation has asked to consume more natural foods, recycle, and be more supportive to the planet. They can only hope that by modifying the actions of Chileans, their biosphere will thank them.
On the other side of the world, Taiwan made significant improvement. Years back, this country had a crisis when it came to dealing with high levels of toxicity emitted by their landfills. They even had to summon international help.
Creating awareness about recycling is improving the future we are leaving our children behind and this can be done through education. In nations like Taiwan, Germany, and Switzerland, children participate in recycling workshops. They are encouraged to create art, toys, and ornaments with materials that they have in their own homes. For example, milk cartons, egg, glass bottles, used paper, newspapers, and magazines.
LatinAmerican Post | Daniella Páez Otey
Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto

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