The ethics of the war against terrorism

Charles Webel , Professor in Peace Studies, proposes combating terror with dialogue and negotiation instead of the force of arms. 

What happened in the G20 meeting?

September 4-5 the 11th G20 Summit was held in China. 

Immigration in the eyes of Trump

Reactions to Trump's immigration speech didn't wait. 

Ban Ki-moon and the nuclear dead end

August 29, the International Day against Nuclear Tests reminds UN Secretary General the lack of progress on eliminating nuclear weapons. 

The reality of Central American children trying to reach the US

UNICEF's newest report shows how children are risking it all to escape violence and poverty. 

Innocent people are Wikileaks' collateral damage

In their quest to expose government secrets the private life of hundreds of people have also been made public. 

Syrian White Helmets nominated for Nobel Peace Price

133 organizations have nominated the volunteers who rescue civilians from collapsed buildings. 

Algerian role in achieving peace in Syria.

Algeria's 'black decade' might be useful in resolving the Syrian civil war. 

US seeks Latin American help with migrants

The rise of Asian, African and Middle Eastern migrants trying to reach the US has Washington seeking coordination with Latin American countries to tackle this problem.

Paralympics face more cuts due to Rio's funding crisis

Officials said on Monday unless funding is secured services for athletes will be cut. 

Political hypocrisy behind the death Penalty

The world is too eager to criticize Erdogan for supporting death penalty but forget where else the capital punishment is already valid. 

Do we have a chance?

There is a reason to be optimistic about the future of the human race despite we haven't build homes on Mars yet. 

Indigenous people in Latin America remain the most disadvantaged

The access to education for indigenous people should be a priority for governments. 

The world's hypocrisy towards refugees

The world was moved by the Refugee Olympic team yet it remains unmoved by refugees.

Climate change impact on human health is worst than in the movies

Worsening allergies,  heart diseases and asthma are among the consequences. 

Extreme measures and abuses against detained children

Human Rights Watch (HWR) released "Extreme measures" reporting abuses against children detained as National Security threats. 

Refugee Olympic Team arrives to Rio

The Olympic refugee team includes Syrian, Ethiopian, South Sudanese and Congolese. 

Where is LatAm in the DNC and RNC party platforms?

Republicans warn of dangers while Democrats focus on engagement; the border wall is just one Latin American issue the parties disagree on, and Cuba is a particular sore spot for Republicans.

Hilary Clinton is now leading the polls

Last week's DNC has the Democratic candidate leading the national polling average. 

250,000 refugees have crosed the Mediterranean in 2016

According to the International Organization for Migration IOM a quarter million people have arrived to Europe but 3034 have died in the attempt this year.

Will 9 billion people be able to live in 2050?

Longer lifespans are causing population growth but the Earth might not be ready for all. 

Development threatens to leave indigenous peoples behind

Private partnerships and fast track development is worrying indigenous leaders as it would continue to ignore their rights. 

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