El Niño has changed the lives of 60 million people around the world

Extreme weather events caused by the phenomenon have changed millions lives and SG Ban Ki-moon says the response must go beyond humanitarian action. 

Russian athletes won't be at Rio 2016

The Russian Olympic Committee and 68 Russian athletes have failed to overturn the athlete ban by the International Association of Athletics Federations. 

Donald Trump is officially the Republican nominee

In day two of the Republican National Convention he secured his nomination. 

Everyone is talking about the GOP Convention

From Monday until Thursday the world will be watching the GOP Convention in Cleveland. 

While the US says no Canada welcomes Syrian refugees

So far 28,876 Syrian refugees have arrived in Canada and more than 16,000 resettlement applications are in progress. 

Nice Tragedy: What you need to know

This is what media are saying in response to the attack in Nice during the Bastille Day and what it is known so far. 

Dual citizenship for young Britons?

German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said EU countries should consider this option in response to Brexit uncertainty. 

Saudi Arabia should be suspended from UN Human Rights Council

The world's leading human rights groups have joined forces to make a call for action against its membership. 

World Population Day was about investing in teenage girls

July 11 marked the celebration of the World Population Day which focused on a population that remains still vulnerable. 

These 5 arguments against gun control are all wrong

Orlando attack and the Dallas tragedy were followed by pro-gun arguments that have no relation with empirical reality. 

The Large Hadron Collider in Genève might have its replacement

The Compact Linear Collider is the European Council for Nuclear Research project newest concept to discover the universe nature. 

UN Human Rights Council appointed an independent expert on LGBTI discrimination

The decision was announced on July 1st and has been described as a historic victory.

The irony of NATO

NATO is supposed to be a defensive alliance but its moving eastwards threatening Europe with destruction.

UNICEF warns 69 million children are in risk of death by 2030

According the newest UNICEF report 69 million children under 5 are at risk of dying and 167 million more risk living in poverty by 2030.

Conclusions after Istanbul airport attack

With 41 people dead and 239 more injured Europe's third busiest airport awaits investigation. 

Violence against journalists is reaching unprecedented levels

According to UNESCO in an average week a journalist is killed. 

45.8 million people are enslaved in the world today

The global slavery index released and shows this problem is far from being solved.

Is Brexit reversible?

We listed 4 ways the UK could reverse Brexit 

Brexit is now real

The UK has decided to quit the European union with 51.9% of the votes. 

The most corrupt cities in the world

Tax havens, bribery and violence among what makes urban corruption.

The victim syndrome on US elections

The recognition of the nations many discontents, assumed causes and appealing public are fueling Trump's campaign. 

Conclusions of the World Refugee Day

Ahead of the High Level Meeting on Refugees and Migrants on September, governments are asked to work together. 

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