Brexit is here

Britain will go to the polls this Thursday to decide whether the UK should stay a member of the European Union this are its social and political possible outcomes.

Analysis offers guidance for national school feeding programmes

The Global School Feeding Sourcebook provides the knowledge, evidence and good practice for programmes to meet globally approves standards. 

Women may be Europe's far right best defense

Since the 1980s and 1990s European female voters are more likely than men to lean left. 

Droughts and conflicts have 37 countries in need of external food assistance

According to a Food and Agriculture Organization report food insecurity is spreading.

How an app aims to feed refugee children

ShareTheMeal Arabic version was launched to feed 1,400 children in Beirut for a full year. 

What does the the Free World thinks of Trump?

Hello America the World is Watching documentary hopes to give us the answer. 

Child labor remains common in global supply chains

Today there are 168 million children engaged in child labor around the world according to the International Labour Organization.

Small arms trade 2016 update

The Small Arms Trade Survey's Trade Update shows Germany as the most transparent  small arms exporter while United Arab Emirates remains in the bottom of the list.

UN experts warns AIDS epidemic is still driven by human rights violations

Ahead of the high-level meeting on ending AIDS by 2030 (June 8-10)  experts urge governments to remove punitive laws policies and practices. 

A way out the Korean Peninsula Conflict

Johan Galtung, expert on peace studies, proposes a solution to the underlying Korean conflict.

Cuts in developing funding would threat women's health

Maternal health and reproductive rights ensured by UNFPA are in risk over $140 million funding cuts. 

UNICEF and Italy aim to protect child migrants

Before the summer upswing of child migrants crossing between Libya and Italy will cooperate to provide protection support. 

A century of US Military interventions

Under the idea of being a peacekeeper the US has intervened in several conflicts and leave behind massive collateral damage.

Humanitarian Summit's failure

Despite being a wake-up call to the world the summit failed to attract funding. 

Is the world anywhere close to fascism?

Despite the rise of ultra-nationalistic parties and totalitarian governments, so far fascism seems unlikely. 

Amendment to protect Nuclear Material entered into force

With Panama's ratification the CPPNM allows the establishment of preventive, detective and punitive measures.

Is it time to change refugee's protection?

IRINS's migration editor discusses refugee law as Europe crisis continues. 

The UN needs a peace industrial complex

Countries need to commit to political and financial support for preventing conflicts. 

Fighting hunger could help global security

There is a link between food security and political instability

5 countries where there are still child soldiers

Despite Colombian guerrilla agreed to release all soldiers under 15, in Britain, Yemen, South Sudan, Myanmar and the Democratic Republic of Congo still have child soldiers. 

Is Islamophobia a political tool?

Backed with nationalism and populism, Islam has become the scapegoat of the Western internal crisis.

Educational support needed for 1 in 4 school-age children

According to a UNICEF report 75 million children live in countries affected by humanitarian emergencies.

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