Panama Papers affair widens as database goes online

The Panama Papers affair has widened, with a huge database of documents relating to more than 200,000 offshore accounts posted online.

Reinforcing collective responsibility, a must in the World Humanitarian Summit

Leaders to meet in Istanbul later this month will be discussing ways to strengthening the coordination of humanitarian crisis relief. 

20 years after nuclear tests were banned

SG Ban Ki-moon said the 20th anniversary of the CTBTO is a call to action to end nuclear testing. 

Brexit: an update 50 days before the referendum

All you need to know about the referendum and its implications. 

World Press Freedom Day

Top UN officials highlighted the importance of a free flow of information for human rights, sustainable development and democracy. 

Extremism is not about Muslims: ways to fight it

This phenomenon doesn't depend on any religion, nationality, region nor ethnic group. 

Are there any Statesman in the world today?

Politicians are hanging on to power instead of working for the construction of a better world. 

Latam take on preventing violence between children and adolescents

Following up the importance of committing to child protection, Latin America faces a serious commitment being the most violent region for children and adolescents.

Republican effort to stop Donald Trump

Kasich and Cruz pact to stop Trump from winning the GOP nomination during primaries may have come too late.

The dark side of social media: Society

With the false idea of community, social media is making people forget about real contact. 

The future of fossil fuels

Humanity has been used to transition from one source of energy to another, nowadays it is a matter of time for us to leave behind fossil fuels.

Our follow up on the FIFA scandal

With three guilty plea transcripts released people finally get to know the reality behind football corruption. 

Next UN Secretary General process concludes its first phase

With 9 candidates for next UN Secretary General, the UN is aiming for more transparency in the process.

What will our legacy be?

The devastation of the city of Palmyra is one of the examples of the heritage sites humanity has lost due to conflicts, natural disasters or deliberate actions.

Are American democracies missing something?

The region's democracies have been shaken in the last years, it may be a sign to deeper problems.

The consequences of international drug policy

In the coming weeks, the eyes of the drug policy community will be fixated on the UN. As the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on the World Drug Problem draws near, the future of international drug policy is at stake.

Committing to the recovery of vulnerable children

The UN Rights chief, Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein highlights the importance of supporting the UN Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture as conflict increases around the world. 

The dark side of social media: Individuals

Social media is making life become a matter of visibility and narcissism.

What's left of populism

The term has transformed from its original sense but in the last decades populist leaders have risen all around the world. 

The dark side of social media: Politics

The first part of this sequence explores the negative effects social media can have in politics.

Pope Francis urges greater family understanding

Pope Francis has published new guidelines on family life that argue the Church should show more understanding of modern realities.

From Qatar 2022 to Rio 2016

When enjoying sports mayor events, people tend to forget the realities lived by the workers who made it all possible. 

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