Trump’s effect on climate change

This is what you need to know about his presidency’s proposed cuts and their effects. 

Pesticides aren’t necessary to feed the world

According to a report presented to the UN human rights council this is a myth. 

We prefer to stay ignorant

A study published in Psychological reviews shows people prefer not to learn what’s ahead, especially when there are negative possibilities.

How can the French election change the world?

With Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron’s popularity, The Economist says this could be France’s next revolution.

Labor Market is key for gender equality in Latin America

For Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of ECLAC the redistribution of income and rights begins in the region’s labor market. 

The psychology of punishment and voting

Oxford neuroscientist Molly Crocket says this might lead to voting against self-interests.

Is child labor in Bolivia wrong?

850,000 children work in the country. 

World’s one billion migrants need health services

One in every 7 people are migrants today but health systems haven’t been able to adapt and give them access to health services.

A Latino, ex-Obama Labor secretary elected chairman of the Democrats

Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez on Saturday was elected chairman of the United States Democratic National Committee

Four things scientists can do to stay relevant

Obama’s former science advisor, John Holdren, says these things can help them remain relevant under a president who resists facts.

Reliving 1917’s Russia

Project 1917 is an initiative that recreates history in the form of a social network.

This laundry bag can help stop microfiber pollution

Two Germans created a bad to prevent microfibers ending up in oceans.

Reversing man-made eco harm

These inventions use human technology for the benefit of other animals.  

Comedy to stand up against Trump

From SNL to John Oliver comedians in the US are using their shows to criticize the government. 

The effects of teleworking

A report by the International Labour Organization found teleworking may seem easier but could disrupt people’s work-life balance.

How a three-day weekend can help the environment

Along with the Universal Basic Income a shorter work week can help reduce carbon emissions.

Science needs women

UNESCO Science Report: Towards 2030 shows female engineers and computer programmers are wanted, especially in developed economies.

Whistleblowers are essential to democracy

In a functioning democracy they are crucial for power to be held to account. 

Migrants’ safety should come first

UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres believes the management of national borders ‘cannot be based on any form of discrimination.’

Trump’s seven steps in sabotaging human rights

Amnesty International believes these are potentially devastating measures to the human rights of millions at the United States and abroad.

8 experiments on the Universal Basic Income

2017 will host various experiments on what experts have touted as ‘the only way to survive in the coming age of automation.’

Fake news didn’t alter US election

A Stanford-NYU study found fake news had little real impact on voters and the outcome of the election. 

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