The utility of torture

With President Donald Trump saying torture works, how effective it really is?

Refugees real stories must be told

Media needs to show refugees aren’t “potential terrorists” nor “threats to national security.”

Denmark will have the world’s first digital ambassador

The ambassador will work on building ties with the globe’s tech giants, stated the country’s foreign minister.

Doomsday clock is 2:30 minutes to midnight

Nuclear weapons, climate change and Donald Trump’s election make the world closer to catastrophe.

Europe’s expanding national security state

Amnesty International documents the trend sweeping Europe, where states are tackling terrorism by trampling on their citizen’s freedoms. 

70% of human trafficking victims are women and girls

According to the 2016 Global Report on Trafficking in Persons trafficking for sexual exploitation remains the most detected form. 

How is our medicine threatening us?

Anti-microbial resistance causes 700,000 deaths each year and threatens animal health as well as food security and people’s livelihoods. 

What happens after the Women’s March?

The challenge is to channel the protest and achieve political change at local and national level.

The water-energy-food challenge

Can leaders at Davos solve these interconnected risks?

How is cash aid used?

Cash transfer programs are meant to reduce poverty but their effectiveness depends on each country. 

Who are Trump’s cabinet picks?

These posts will require Senate confirmation but they have already caused controversy. 

Is there a plus side for overpopulation?

According to some authors this could lead to more creative and great minds and more productive work.

535 million children live in crisis-hit countries

According to UNICEF these children live in harsh conditions, lack access to decent health, education and protection services. 

2017’s UN Agenda

State members hope to reach agreements on a diverse range of global issues, including oceans, tuberculosis and killer robots among others. 

Ban Ki-moon’s legacy

With an eye in South Korea’s presidency, Mr. Ban Ki-moon is seeking to burnish his UN legacy. 

Beijing has the world’s largest air purifier

The Smog Free Tower is a project that can raise awareness to the air pollution problem.

Guterres’ pledge for a year for peace

In his first day as UN Chief, Antonio Guterres announced his new year resolution: to make 2017 a year for peace. 

In the next 25 years 47% of jobs could disappear

According to Oxford University 47% of all jobs could be automated by 2034 and no government is prepared to face this. 

Solar panels are cheaper than fossil fuels

In 2016 the renewable energy future came closer as installing a new solar panel is cheaper than the comparable investment in coal, natural gas or other options.

The Mediterranean death toll crossed 5,000

This year more than 5,000 people lost their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea.

30+ reasons to be happy about 2016

Amnesty International remains positive about a year many have written off as a terrible one. 

How can technology help us solve human rights challenges?

XPrize Foundation encourages the development of technology to change the world.

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