How is 2016 ending for the European far-right?

Far-right anger is moving mainstream with more and more voters. 

A new take on the US-Mexico border

This architecture firm offers a border without the negative social, cultural and physical connotations associated with physical barriers. 

Mexico’s drug war turns ten

It has been 10 years since then-president Felipe Calderon declared war on the country’s drug cartels.

Did you know World War II never formally ended?

Japan and Russia are expected to formally settle WWII with a peace treaty after 71 years. 

EU migrants shouldn’t stay permanently after Brexit

After triggering Article 50 EU migrants shouldn’t be allowed to permanently stay in the UK, report says. 

The internationalist-nationalist dichotomy

The world has shifted away from the old liberal-conservative model and is experiencing a new one, with Latin America as an outsider. 

There are some 21 million people trapped in forced labour

They generate over $150 billion in illicit profits for those who exploit them.

Only 30% of manufacturers can pinpoint the beginning of their supply chain

A report by the CDP (Carbon disclosure project) shows manufacturers don’t even know which forests they’re destroying.

Female scientists in their way to Antarctica

76 female scientists from all around the world are travelling to Antarctica to battle climate change. 

Women on the target

Despite campaigns against gender-based violence cases continue to reach the headlines. 

Two words to define 2016

They reflect a divided and politicized word.

The key to a sustainable transport system according to the UN SG

The transport sector is responsible for a quarter of energy related greenhouse gas emissions. 

The right-wing News Network expansion

Breitbart News Network seeks to monetize the anger and anti-immigrant sentiment around the world unleashed by Trump’s election. 

16 days of activism against gender-based violence

‘Orange the World’ began on 25 November and will end 10 December with the Human Rights Day.

Why Stephen Hawing gives humanity less than a millennium?

He believes the human race is threatened by nuclear war, catastrophic global warming and genetically engineered viruses. 

The year we voted dangerously

US elections, Brexit and Colombian peace deal referendum are among the list.

Opposition to Oil Pipeline in the US is similar to indigenous people’s struggles in Latin America

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe fight against an oil pipeline in North Dakota has many things in common with opposition to mega projects in Latin America.

Press freedom and impunity: 2016 analysis

Rates of impunity in the murders of journalists remain high with Somalia being the worst ranked country and Mexico the sixth, says the Committee to Protect Journalists. 

Galtung’s proposal for United Regions

Instead of 193 around a table why don’t we mirror the global reality through its regions?

Why Marrakech is perfect for the UN’s COP22?

Despite the problems in the region, Morocco’s been powering forward in climate change issues and is the sixth best country in the 2016 Climate Change Performance Index. 

Donald Trump will become the 45th US President

The political outsider had a stunning victory over Democrat Hilary Clinton. 

US needs a post-electorate peace plan

Dr. Brian Klaas explains how the next US president can heal a divided electorate after today’s results. 

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