Children are breathing heavily toxic air

UNICEF reports about 300 million children live in areas where outdoor air is six or more times higher than international pollution guidelines. 

Refugees are dying to reach Europe

2016’s Mediterranean death toll has hit an all-time high, one person dies for every 88 arrivals. 

US election is less than one week away

While Clinton email scandal resurfaces Trump closes the poll gap. 

What comes after the clearing of the “Jungle”?

With French authorities determined to destroy this migrant camp in Calais, migrants face a new future. 

Latinos voting early in Florida, could play key role in election

So far, Florida election authorities have received 1.6 million ballots by mail, while more than 860,000 people have voted early in person

Climate change and inequality

Besides disproportionally affecting the world's poor, climate change is expected to complicate addressing and resolving structural issues of inequality and social exclusion. 

How the world reacted to Wonder Woman post as UN Ambassador

The iconic superhero was named Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls by the UN but criticism didn’t wait.

What's happening with the world's ageing population?

The violation of human rights and insufficient legal guarantees of equality are some of the issues affecting older people around the world.


50 years of occupation

2017 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Israeli occupation and for Palestinian refugees life seems to barely go on.

The world's wealthiest nations are shrinking responsibilities over refugees

Amnesty International accused rich nations of hosting the fewest number of refugees and doing the least to solve their situation.

Should Columbus day be abolished?

This day honors the "discovery" of America but forgets conquistadors wiped as much as 95% of native populations. 

Ending child marriage

Around the world 15 million girls are married before the age of 18 each year.

Security Council nominates Guterres for Secretary General

Despite the call for the next SG to be a female and the regional rotation system, the former Portuguese Prime Minister is likely to be the next SG. 

Wikileaks 'October Surprise' is still pending

Julian Assange announced Wikileaks will be releasing documents on the US elections and Google.

Brexit process should be over by 2019

Prime Minister Theresa May announced the process will begin by the end of March and will make limits on immigration a priority. 

What the internet had to do with Trump's success

Cyberpsychologist Mary Aiken says the candidate is a troll who has jumped off the internet and into the real world.

Female political leaders are still rare

The number of female heads of state and government is just 16. 

Reactions to Clinton-Trump’s clash

Last night the candidates had their first presidential debate in New York. 

Wall plans are spreading

As US Republican candidate, UK politicians want to build a wall in Calais to keep migrants out. It will replace the fencing along the ferry's port to prevent migrants from attempting to board lorries.

Obama did made America great again

Life for the vast majority of Americans has improved under his administration says the polling company Gallup after 8 years of surveys. 

David Cameron quits politics, for now.

The former British prime minister, resigns as a member of the parliament. 

Johan Galtung and the global power imbalance

In this editorial the author makes an overview on how unstable and imbalanced is the world right now, especially in the US-Rest relationship. 

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