The MoMa is now full of Latin American Art

Nowadays, Latin America is increasingly recognized worldwide for its diverse cultural expressions. The trend is also reflected in the Latin American modern art, a cultural expression that demonstrates the sophistication and variety of our region in  New York.

Chibcha’s discoveries revealing the secret

A multidisciplinary team of anthropologists, odonatologists, geneticists and biologists aims to extract clues about the customs and rituals of these cultures of the community that inhabited the plateau more than 2,000 years ago.

Music Artists united

#Niunamenos is the topic of the era in Latin America and artists influence makes it bigger.

Latin American artist are not shy when talking about politic

Artists have a huge impact due to their influence on social media but this has not shut them up when talking about the US elections.

Discovery of the Americas: well-remembered or rejected?

October is the month to celebrate the discovery of our continent, but what are the real feelings of the Latin American population for the event? 

Medicine welcomes Mapuches

Argentina opens its first service center to combine modern Western medicine and Mapuche’s tradition in Neuquen province.

Nominees to the Latin Grammys have been revealed

Fonseca, the Mexican Jesse & Joy and the Brazilian Djavan led with four mentions each nominations of the 17th edition of the Latin Grammys, unveiled by the Latin Recording Academy.

Xochimilco might know the secret to end with the starve worldwide

The chinampas are small islands of marshy land very rich for cultivation, created by indigenous, that are supposedly able to provide all the Mexican population with just 10% of the land.

Latinos shine in the 2016 Paris fashion week

The luxury design of Latins finds its place in Paris during the 2016 Fashion Week, where successful creators Edgardo Osorio, signature Aquazzura, and Yliana Yepez presented their new designs, increasingly sought after among lovers of international fashion 

Multicultural festival brings indigenous languages back to life

Mexico will promote indigenous languages throughout America through a multicultural festival with the participation of 12 poets from different latitudes on 13th of  October in the Sala Nezahualcoyotl, in the Centro Cultural Universitario de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Spotify paying tribute to Marc Anthony

As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, Spotify launched this 23rd of September its first Latin music documentary, starring Marc Anthony and his father, Felipe Muñiz.

The Biarritz Festival reaches Latin America

25 years of Latin American film production to be celebrated.

Lollapalooza in Latin America

The musical festival comes back for 2017! Argentina, Brazil and Chile will be hosts once again.

Indigenous cuisine to be remembered

In aims of creating identity, various Latin American chefs are getting back to the beginning of their culture to learn and to blend.

Science and ancestral knowledge melts in one

Paraguay faces the agricultural crisis by proposing new ways of blending knowledge sources to get the best of it.

Fonseca and Ringo sing for the peace in Colombia

In just one day the Colombian Fonseca wrote, recorded and sent a verse in Spanish for a new version of peace anthem "The Time Has Come Now" by Ringo Starr, upon request of the former Beatle.

The first certified museum in Latin America

 The contemporaneous art museum in Bogotá gets the international excellence sign.

Latin America already chose

Each Latin American country has made a statement on their representatives to the 2017 Oscars.

Culture and environmental technology rule in Latin America

The seventh art goes environmental with the first cinema fed by solar energy in Latin America.

Gael Garcia has not forgotten Latin America

He has walked a long way since his first movie until today but he feels himself Latin American  like the first day. 

Yma Sumac, the emblematic Latin princess in music

The well-remembered Peruvian soprano had her Google Doodle.

San Pedro Claver, a figure of peace in Colombia

In times of doubt and hesitation during the Peace Deal process San Pedro Claver becomes a model for the future peace landscape.

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