emotionally intelligent

Are you emotionally intelligent?

These six traits are signs that you are in tune with your feelings, as well as with other's emotions


Want to be more likeable?

Here are some traits that amiable people possess 

Education in Latin America

Education in Latin America: New challenges

Although progress has been made, are different variables not being taken into consideration? 

Dominican Republic and Haiti

One island, two worlds

Although the Dominican Republic and Haiti share the same island, they could not be more different

Latin America elderly

Senior citizens: An ever-growing population in Latin America

This region used to be characterized by its vibrant youth but it seems as if times are changing

Social Media and personal identity

The who’s who on social media

Take a minute to analyze your everyday routine.

Soccer and math

Soccer and math seek to end lack of interest in schooling

Romanian scholars have found a way to make learning more entertaining.

Latin America's millennials

What do Latin America's millennials want?

This generation shares common traits with its international peers but the ones living inside the region present unique characteristics.

apps to learn languages

The best apps to learn languages

It’s not a secret that the comprehension and further application of new languages ensure both the professional and personal growth


What makes a good leader?

Here are some key qualities one must learn to emphasize in order to be an outstanding chief.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the “smartest” city in Latin America

The South American city ranked 83rd on the list

Virtual education

Virtual education takes over Latin America

Various reports have revealed that 6.4% of the current enrollment fees are being channeled to virtual education

Marcelo Crivella

Marcelo Crivella VS. Rio’s Carnival?

The mayor of Rio de Janeiro threatens one of the most important festivals

Cuban Youtuber

Youtuber fever finally hits Cuba

Following close behind the timid entrance of the Internet in the Caribbean country comes the birth of a new generation of youngsters

Responsible pet ownership

Responsible pet ownership in Latin America

Street animals are reproducing at an alarming rate putting at risk public health

reader kids

Where are the readers?

The use of technology has become a part of our everyday life but is it having a negative effect on readers?

Adopting a new perspective

Creating good habits can make you happier

Chile innovates in classrooms to improve school performance

New technologies have come to stay and Chilean schools are starting to integrate it into their everyday routines

Colombia's Venezuelans

Colombia's Venezuelans

The United Nations Refugee Agency in Bogotá does state that there has been "a notable increase of Venezuelan nationals coming to and remaining in Colombia."

Marihuana legal

Is Marihuana legal in Latin America?

Cannabis consumption has increased over the last two decades changing legal policies. What has happened?

Chile telescope

Chile: A telescope to stomp on all others

Scientists are one step closer to understanding the universe after the start of the construction of the world's largest optical and infrared telescope

Uruguay’s poorest students

85% of Uruguay’s poorest don't finish high school

What Uruguayan public education needs is an investment of 6 percent of GDP and another 1 percent in research for several years


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