5 habits of chronically unhappy people

While happiness may come more naturally to some people than it does to others, there are certain things we all do that contribute to our emotional wellbeing. 

Plus-size, Left handed and gluten-free in Latin America

The next time you travel to Buenos Aires or Santiago, don’t be afraid to dust off your Spanish with the phrase “soy vegetariano.”

Colombia is helping you spread love this Valentine’s Day

That time of year has once again arrived when the scent of fresh-cut roses is flooding stores nationwide.

Colombia is helping you spread love this Valentine’s Day

That time of year has once again arrived when the scent of fresh-cut roses is flooding stores nationwide.

7 traits of old souls that make them utterly unique and beautiful

If you can identify with the following 7 personality traits, then in all likelihood you are an old soul.

The next blue collar job? Coding

Given the IT industry's projected growth and the increasing accessibility of training programs, coding is poised to be a major supplier of jobs for the middle class.

Mexican constitution celebrated between agitation

Several entities and intellectuals have recently spoken about the Constitution and its centenary, giving very different opinions. The debate is open, and several experts argue the need to renew the magnum letter.

5 positive comebacks for dealing with negative people

Negative people need drama like oxygen. Stay positive. It will take their breath away.

Integration proposals came back

Colombian Defense Minister Camilo Ospina, presented an initiative of political and economic integration for Latin America in the current conjuncture imposed by the new president of the United States, Donald Trump. Is it likely to happen?

6 signs you might be in love

Here are 6 signs to know if you´re falling hard for someone.

The race for a green internet

Greenpeace’s report Clicking Green explores digital infrastructure’s renewable transition.

“Bad” Internet traffic loses businesses over $7 billion annually

According to the Imperva Incapsula Bot Traffic Report, various bots are now responsible for more than half of all internet traffic around the globe and estimates that businesses lose an estimated $7 billion dollars each year because of this

5 reasons why you are always tired

Are you exhausted all the time despite how much sleep you get? Here are some reasons. 

How to spot a sociopath

Read here 7 signs of a sociopath.

Colombians returning from Venezuela seen as foreigners

Colombians who during Venezuela’s boom years poured across the border in search of a better life are now returning home, not only broke and without work but also facing a new problem: discrimination.

The daily Latin American heroine

Conditions are not often in favor for the average Latin American woman, but against any outrageous forecast, women struggle get into the Latin American context.

No alcohol, no violence: life inside the Bolivian community led by women

Gender-based violence remains prevalent in Bolivia, but Maria Auxiliadora, a women-led community in Cochabamba, is trying to change this

More measures less actions

On the outside it seems Latin American indigenous communities are being more recognized in the region. But when it comes to real rates, changes are not that visible.

In Cuba, app stores pay rent

An ingenious answer to digital deprivation. like citizens of most countries in the digital age, Cubans are familiar with app stores. But theirs have actual doors

6 things to do to survive and heal after a breakup

Here are a few ways to assist you on your road to peace and happiness again.

Violence at work threatens Latin America

Around 13% of workers in Latin America suffer psychological violence at work related to threats or discrimination. Could this be a reason for low productivity rates in the region?

World Summit of Nobel Peace Prizes Winners in Bogotá

More than twenty nobel peace prize winners will attend tomorrow the World Summit of Nobel Peace Prizes that will take place in this capital and celebrate the end of the conflict with the FARC-EP, news broadcast reported today.


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