Electric vehicle that can go 400 Miles on a single charge

Lucid Motors has unveiled specs for its Air EV, an electric car with a range of 400 miles and an option for a 130kWh battery, the largest in the auto world.

5 benefits of positive thinking

Here are 5 ways that positive thinking can change your life.

Politic culture linked to both sides

Important proposal will try to make the political history of contemporary Spain and Latin America more understandable and intelligible by the establishments of similarities.

The plastic surgery fever doesn’t cease

It is well known that Asia is one of the continents where there is a greater number of aesthetic surgeries, but to our surprise does not have the higher rates in these procedures. The region of the world in which more invasive and aesthetic surgical procedures are made is Latin America and Venezuela has become the plastic surgery paradise.

Colombia No.5 of world’s 10 best places to retire In 2017

Colombia, once an overlooked retirement haven, is now just grabbing the attention of expats looking for a place to live that is close to home

10 reasons why being single is awesome

While being in love is amazing, here are 10 insightful reasons why the single life is more fun than ever before.

6 Incredible things that happen once you learn to enjoy being alone

Below are six amazing things that will happen in your life when you start to enjoy being alone.

Heavy metal becomes the new rhythm to pray

Crash Church in Sao Paulo becomes the first church where heavy metal songs are about Christian God and works as a community gather tool.

15 things every twenty-something needs to remember

Are you 20-something and stuck in a quarter-life crisis? Here are 20 things you should remember.

6 things to do when you feel extremely angry

When you’re angry, it’s a red flag that something needs to change, and when you’re extremely angry, something needs to change right now. Here are 6 things to do when this emotion is taking control of you.

11 reasons why it’s better to be 30 than 20

Here are 11 powerful arguments to prove that getting older is amazingly awesome.

Mexico remembers Siqueiros

The artist, whose name was Jose de Jesus Alfaro Siqueiros had a creative life, leaving his political ideology in murals such as The march of humanity, The call to freedom, Burial of the sacrificed worker and Death to the invader.

2016 was a violent year for Venezuela

According to the OVV report, the total number of violent deaths the past year is slightly higher than the already scandalous in 2015, when it reached 27,875 cases.

Chile will have a Science & Technology Ministry

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet said on Monday that she would introduce a bill in Congress next week creating a Science and Technology Ministry, fulfilling one of her campaign promises.

8 things worth remembering when everything goes wrong

Here are some ideas which might help motivate you when you need it most.

How to protect yourself from Hakers

With just your phone number and a little bit of what’s called “social engineering” in which a hacker doesn’t necessarily need technical knowledge but just to convince a customer service rep that they are you, a maliciously intentioned person can break into all the above accounts and more.

Mexico understood laboral inclusion is not optional

The Ministry of work and Social Welfare highlighted the promotion of the respect and inclusion of vulnerable groups in the workplace.

Jobs for the future in Latin America

Some changes at a social and technological level affect directly the job market, which means that some careers that were previously considered of great importance lose their value, and others arise in their place that respond to the new needs and promise to be of great relevance in the future, fact that might explain the high rates of unemployment in Latin America.

5 tips to help you stop letting laziness win

It´s time to take action.

5 mistakes that make it impossible to keep your New Year’s resolution

Let this year be the one you finally follow through.

Brazil's men helped to become better fathers to reduce gender violence

The project seems to be working. At the start, 75% of male participants said men’s responsibilities included childcare, by the end, 100% agreed.

Common risk for Latin America

Corruption, criminality, economic uncertainty, weariness of political parties and class, and dangerous failures in public institutions outline the future of Latin America.


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